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Work Ethic
Inspiration draws passion.
Passion draws blood.
Blood draws work
and productivity is born.
Productivity draws strength.
Strength draws confidence.
Confidence breeds success
and knowledge is created.
Knowledge draws wisdom.
Wisdom passes on
and everybody benefits.
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I dared to Dream
I dared to dream of things unseen,
Of riches ripe and pastures green.
I dared to dream of new beginnings,
Of greater things, and endless winnings.
I dared to dream of a fresher start,
I dreamed a dream straight from the heart.
I dared to dream of all things new,
I dreamed of sundrops in morning dew.
And better things shall come it seems,
For all those who dare to dream.
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I sat poolside, cocktail in hand, contemplating existence. And while I did, the orange-red flame hues descended into deep purple over the vast expanse of infinite ocean - the dying, fading furnace of a once midday sun, now smouldering in the distance. And in its place, the new, fresh air was now beginning to offer relief from problem that could once only solved with powerful air conditioning.
I took another sip. The alcohol stung my throat, but then gently warmed and soothed with some sort of perverted mercy. I could feel the clouds roll through my head, carrying away my troubles, and replacing them with an insatiable drowsiness, sending me drifting to sleep...
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Leaving the Cemetery (Alternate Version)
Leaving the cemetery
Tears half dried on her face
She merges in traffic.
Alone in a car,
with a gentle shove
she returns to the drudgery,
of running from death.
The radio blares silence,
and diesel engines click.
Tears that fall are wiped away,
by windscreen wipers.
And lines of steel,
row upon row
form an unending line,
to the scrapheap.
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The legend of the Orange Diamond
In the crystal blue waters of Tropicia, a short swim from the coast of Benita island; there lies a dark and ominous black spot with a cave at the very bottom. It is not well known, but local legends call it the Cave of Death, and for good reason – few have entered,  fewer have returned. This, however, did not faze Andre, an intrepid diver with a wealth of experience diving all over the world.
Legend has it that the cave is home to the Orange Diamond; the most precious gem in the world. Anyone who owns this diamond is said be able to rule of the world.
Andre entered the vast cave through the hole in the top. Rays of bright blue light filtered in from above, stretching upwards seemingly forever and illuminating jagged rock on all sides. The diver seemed like a mere spec compared to the enormity of this cave.
Stalactites descended ominously from above like sharpened spears, and he noticed the cave growing narrower. As it did so, the rays of brilliant light now behind him grew l
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Mature content
Dementia :iconmackattack1991:mackattack1991 3 6
Time Heals Not
Time heals not these wounds
No scar is enough to bear.
No pain matches grief
No words describe such sorrow.
But we will never be broken
We will never let those with blood on their hands raise their heads in pride
For the murder of innocents
Will never be forgotten.
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I'm blasting in a rocket ship,
I'm flying into space!
I'm driving in my racecar
and winning every race!
And now I'm going soaring
in my big red aeroplane.
I'm waving at the folks below,
who all look just the same.
And then I'll go out fishing,
on a lake that's clear and blue,
I'll catch the biggest fish I can,
and send a picture to you.
Daydreams are the place to be,
they really are so cool.
They're so much more exciting
than sitting here at school.
You can go on an adventure,
explore lands far and wide,
Or just relax on the beach,
and watch the coming tide.
Imagination's all you need
it's easier than it seems,
Oh what fun you'll have today,
In your very own daydreams.
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Little Bubbles
Little bubbles lined up straight
Little bubbles keep you safe.
Little bubbles standing tall
Little bubbles, oh so small!
Little bubbles cute and sweet,
Little bubbles lined up neat.
Little bubbles go beep beep!
Shh! Little bubbles: Go to sleep!
Little bubbles in a row,
Little bubbles go go GO!
Little bubbles clad with chrome,
Come, My Little Bubble, let's go home!
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I am Not a Narcissist.
I am beautiful
I am intelligent.
I am humble
I am dying inside (from all the inferiority that surrounds me.)
I am misunderstood
I am the greatest person of my time and many times to come.
I am strong,
I am powerful. Whole nations bow to my brilliance.
I am Neurotypical. Better than that
I am in fact Neurosuperior!
I am empathetic
I am strong willed, determined - a leader.
I improvised this entire poem.
I am a narcissist.
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Fav my poems plz
My poems are beyond comprehension,
I write them 'cause I just want attention,
Even though they're all lame,
And mostly the same,
Well pretend that they're all worth a mention.
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A Cub's First Summer Camp
A cub scout awoke, at his first summer camp,
His pyjamas wet through, and his sleeping bag damp.
Confused and half-dreaming, the little boy wept,
Whilst soundly the other children lay, and slept.
And in half-dreaming state, they ran and they played,
they teased and they tuanted, for they knew why he stayed.
But then when Akela heard her little cub cry,
she changed his pyjamas, set the old ones to dry.
And into a lovingly soft tender sweep,
she wrapped me in blankets and rocked me to sleep.
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Slow Train
I peered back though the misty cafe window one last time as I left. Sauntering toward the platform, I found myself clutching my fresh, steamy Latte tightly within my gloved hand.
As I entered the slow train to Okinawa, I sought a spot where the floor vents provided the warmest glow rising underfoot. There I sat - curled up in an almost foetal position - and squashed my thick coat tightly against my body. Patiently, I waited for what seemed like an eternity, for the train to shut its doors.
It may seem paradoxical to love travelling alone as I do. Where the sights and sounds seem to amalgamate in the background. Where I can lose myself in thought and focus inward, ignoring all of the things around me, whilst simultaneously being warmed by their presence. It's a wonderful feeling - being surrounded by people, but being alone. The bustle of the city is my calm; my peace...
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My Compassion
I shouldn't have to have felt what you've felt
to understand how you feel.
I shouldn't have to have been hurt the way you have
to understand your pain.
I shouldn't have to have lived my life like yours,
to know why you're struggling to survive.
I have empathy.
Compassion comes not from mirrored experiences, but from listening and accepting, and wanting to help.
I don't have to go through all the same suffering as someone else just so that I can understand it.
Why would you wish that on anyone?
:iconmackattack1991:mackattack1991 1 1
Your Compassion
You shouldn't have to have felt what I've felt
to understand how I feel.
You shouldn't have to have been hurt the way I have
to understand my pain.
You shouldn't have to have lived your life like me,
to know why I'm struggling to survive.
You just need to have empathy.
Compassion comes not from mirrored experiences, but from listening and accepting, and wanting to help.
You don't have to go through all the same suffering as someone else just so that you can understand it.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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“We should learn Lojban,” the experts say
“The logical langauge! The Perfect way!”
“English is broken” they all enthuse
“So lets make a language we all can use!”
But a language of logic with the best of intention,
is forever corrupted by the very first exception.
They stand among rivers with stop signs in hand,
hoping, desperating, drawing lines in the sand.
When the gain traction, and fruits to bear,
Along come the people who just don't care.
If we learn Lojban, it will be corrupted by those cannot use it properly, and those changes will stick.
va'o lo nu mi'o cilre la lojban kei ko'a ba corrupted lo ca n't selma'e lo properly e lo nu galfi lo ba grana.
If we learning Lojban, he will corrupted the can't ride her properly and that changes will rods.
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United Kingdom
My name is Andrew and I live in a small town north of London. I was born in South Africa and moved to the UK when I was just 8 years old! I enjoy doing art in my spare time for fun, and my favourite medium is scratchboard! Thanks for viewing! :)



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