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I painted this one a while ago and found out never posting it over here. Better late than sorry!
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It's time to kick some ass n' chew bubblegum))))))))

Loved this place for some time now finally found the source. Your amazing !

Great work. But i see many of your pictures on commerical game-websites in articles over the new cyberpunk 2077 game. Wonder if they have a license for use.

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Love this piece.  Is it a crop of a larger work or a stand alone?
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This is such incredible work. The level of detail and texture elevates this piece. It's fantastic. 

What sells it most for me though is the asymmetric bubble. Bloody brilliant.
Extremely impressive. I took this as a photograph, at first. Love the bubblegum and pink hair.
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This is literally the best thing ever made.
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Fantastic!!! Great design, awesome colors and stunning details on guns and that fur.
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Emoticons vol.04 <img> <img> Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] 
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i love your art!
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That creativity! Very Cyberpunk love it.
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Incredible realism!;-)
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Nice scene, also funny fact that the bullbe gum and hair have same color :).
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Incredible! The amount of detail is just mindblowing!
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reminds me of Perfect dark
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Absolutely amazing color palette and characterization.  I can stare at this eye candy all day. 
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I've never, and I mean EVER been able to do that...
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