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Seventh Son

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Another painting done for Seventh Son film (c) Legendary Pictures
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Amazing, and really creepy. :)
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iv'e not seen that film, does she have four arms in it?
looks amazing by the way :)
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this is so amazing it's beyond words
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très joli !! 
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I could recognize this was your work right away... You really set the bar high with your epic photo-realism!!! Love this one. 
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Your use of light and shadow reminds me of Franzetta, but more realistic.
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This sounds familiar!!

... But from where...
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seventh son? is that connected to the Last Apprentice book series? 
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yep, it was the film that was based off of the book series. Went in a rather different direction though .-.
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not a good one:(?
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well, I suppose it's all subjective, but in my opinion the film was rather too dramatic
and didn't really stay as true to the novel as it should. Kinda like what happened to
Eragon and Percy Jackson.

And I don't want to criticise the concept artists for their designs as I don't know
what kind of prompts they got, but the books are very pared-back (they're really
minimalistic stylistically). The original pencil illustrations for the books were really,
I dunno, but it was all cloaks and robes and it was very dark ages.

There's a book called 'The Spooks bestiary' - that's what I'd look at for
how the book described all the creatures and characters. Sorry for the long-winded
response, it's just nice sometimes to be able to let it all out :XD: I like to blame the
director for bad characters, not the concept artists ;P Bit biased maybe~
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Freaking cool!
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Simply brilliant. Love it
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Great work ! Now i should take a look at this movie, if it's as great as your work on it, it must be epic ! *^*
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What were your inspirations for this piece? I sense an Indian influence by seeing the colour theme, decorations, costume and most evidently, the relief on the right side pillar.
A very beautiful piece i must say :D
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Amazing! Lovely lighting
Ooooh the ochre dust in the air, and her pose!

Magnificent work!
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