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Ordinary looking guy with extraordinary powers that allow him to shatter objects with just a power of his will. Textures and custom brushes.
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Great! And while in everyday life not practical, the power can be life saving.
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Does anyone recall what MrSuicideSheep music video this was on? Unless it got taken down.
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Just use to find it.
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Inspiring! I definitely need to start using custom brushes ASAP lol
Thanx for sharing!

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yo ando por la calle imaginando que puedo hacer eso, que con solo desearlo podria detener un camion al instante. salvar a alguien.. 
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This was for the 2009 movie push?
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i watch this movie :love:
& do absolutely amazing!!!
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I remember a pretty shitty movie call "push" in which one of the main charcters could use similiar telekinetic powers like this guy, but the most amazing thing is your picture far more awesome than everything hollywood people could come up with a whole lot of money. Great work!
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reminds me of "chronicle". have you seen that movie?
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Very powerful image, i like it...lotssss
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Now I'm kinda hopin' for the movie Push 2 to come out just so I can see a scene like this.
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freakin awesome!
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Wow, very energetic!
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FOS RO DAH!!!! XD ok jokes aside I love how everything pulls into the center to visually "pull" the viewer in.
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This is amazing...I wish I could get a technical criticism in here, but there's nothing to say.
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this is fantastic! O___O
omg... more awesomeness!!
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Excellent work!
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