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April 3, 2010
Metropolis by ~tiger1313
Suggester said: A congested extremely crowded urbanized city! A gritty future with high rise buildings that has the picturesque look and feel of a dark sci-fi movie. The lighting creates a great mood of the shadowed parts of some old future "alleys" and creates curious questions on what the two figures might be contemplatin!
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Suggested by phoenixleo
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I've tried to get some detailed environment with copy pastin' method for base sketch. Took couple of textures and photos, mashed them with overlays etc to get the basic concept and composition I had in my head and moved on from there with getting the whole mess into final shape which you can see above.
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Amazing, great work :)
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this piece of work is insane love it
great atmosphere! :)
I know his comment is late, but, this is my favorite artwork for about 3 years. This has seen me through hard times through to more chilled times. I respect this type of style so much. You have an eye for detail, but you don't lose yourself in it. You took time to address the overall composition, perspective, atmosphere and subject matter. I feel lost in this every time I see it. My heart sinks and flutters at the same time in the most indescribable feeling every time I view this after a few weeks break.

It encapsulates the complex scale and environment of the world we live in, of almost incomprehensible scale, and humbles the viewer, via the two proxy observers, who seem as dumbfounded as anyone at the moment of this comprehension of the constructs we as humans have created, for good or bad. At first I viewed this as a very intimidating and depressing work, but now I see it as inspiring.

Very strong work. Please, if you are still active and have it in you, more like this.
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excellent details, this is so realistic that it looks more than a photo, than a drawing. what mediums did you used? pencil and pen, or tablet/digital means?

also, im curious, how long did it take you to do this? it seems amazing.

BTW: this looks alot like HELGAN, the city if the helgast in killzone 2, (the videogame in ps3), and both the grim atmosphere of the planet, and the language written in the billboards seem quite similar.

plz do more like this, you are good!
Love the realism of it all, it has a sense of grandeour but it's obviously a zone only for the lower classes. Really transports you in another setting.

Seems inspired by Hong Kong. Or is Ghost in the Shell?
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awesome painting. you used the same photograph reference from the book "Kolonie: The Forgotten Empire", 3rd image from the left front cover.…
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Wow. You could work for Square Enix and make FF art. You're THAT good.
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Your art is fantastic. I wish you uploaded at a higher resolution for wallpaper use!
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So, you're Maciej Kuciara? That is the name of the artist who produced this artwork.
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I would like to feature your beautiful image on my blog on Amazing Stories, here: [link]
The blog is scheduled to be published on Wednesday 15 May. You will be able to access it through the above link, once it is up. The image will be fully credited and linked back to your DA gallery.
Please let me know if you do NOT wish to have your image published, and I will remove it! Apologies also for the short notice.
cheers, f-l :)
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How can I become good like you or any other concept artist out there? Art school or no art school, and what did you do to progress yourself?
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I need to learn how to paint like this.
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this lighting and rendering is amazing!
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That worked well. Very detailed.
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Ghost in the Shell d
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as bigcman said, you really hit it
and i love both movies
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Is the text supposed to be in chinese or japanese? It's kinda hard to see as it looks like some of these are japanese symbols.
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