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LMS fan-art

Danny LuVisi asked if I could contribute to his 2nd re-print of Last Man Standing book, so I decided to go all out.

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this is the best thing i've ever seen
Ellsworth-Toohey's avatar
The second horseman of the apocalypse <3
NewMaxico's avatar
This somehow reminds me of kung-fury (awesome movie)
Miguel-Neves's avatar
Anyone...Let me know... If have some thing... Wrong with this image?
skull1bravo's avatar
Sir the enemy is approaching.

by boat or plane?

sir he appears to be riding a velociraptor riding a fire breathing great white.

(slowly takes off sun glasses) Mother of god.
qoji's avatar
oh no he's loosing his smarties !!!
Myrethy's avatar
Soldier man riding a Velociraptor riding a firebreathing shark.

It's official. No one else can ever win at anything. This can never be topped. And I LOVE IT.
13en-works's avatar
So this is your chance to create the most ultimate badass that every lived
UglyPete's avatar
An epitome of awesomeness: Gabriel the Badass Uber Soldier of Future who's doing that Desperado-style dual-SMG wielding shit while riding a fucking velociraptor that's firing a rocket launcher (or whatever) while riding a fucking giant great white that's breathing fucking fire! Anyone, go on and try to be at least half as cool as that shit, I dare you!!!

An instant fav, my fucking brain just exploded...
Ridd-Li's avatar
Lolol. Awesome.
Vlastika's avatar
REY-HAN's avatar
Oh god. The amount of badass here :clap:
Gryphon509's avatar
So much WIN in this picture! 
LTDragoonIII's avatar
This painting has probably earned you a seat in Valhalla.
Chive-Turkey's avatar
Pah! Good way to put it, nicely said.
MrMultyKill's avatar
this is just to epic for my brain to handle o.O
hamadesiato's avatar
lol... just epic!
WolfsbaneWolfen's avatar
jajaja the candyes make my day
WolfsbaneWolfen's avatar
THIS IS BAD ASS!!! Chuck Norris eat your heart out we got Gabriel riding a god damn velociraptor riding a god damn shark while breathing fire. I bet after the shooting he enjoyed the ride and was like WEEEEEEHEHEHEEEEE. I had to favorite this, this is just again bad ass. This book is going to be bad ass.
AZendron's avatar
great image!!!!
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