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halo odst
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I love the simplicity! 
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This is a great work of art. I particularly enjoy the style of it.
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Nicely done loved the high lights!!!
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Permission to use as an avatar?
pls teach me how to creat things like this 
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Looks amazing it!!! Great work!!!
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This Looks Amazing, ODST Is My Favourite Armour.
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sweet mother of awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!
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Excellent work.
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I love ODST'S they just seem better then Spartens in a way too me.
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Nice! I like it
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Great lightling though I love it.
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Ermagerd, this is amazing! I thought it was a photo at first glance X'D 
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This looks like official concept art for 343i.BTW i think you should try
to be a artist in the gaming industry!
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The textures in this really add to it as an artwork.  They give it extra life.  Very well done.
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You just. Ffffuck this is awesome.
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Do you do commissions?
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I think I saw this before on Google, was it a picture from a real ODST costume and you made it look like this?
Its awsome man, how can you make pictures look like this? I keep messing them up when I try to...
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