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Character Illustration for Film Part 3

Hey guys, here's latest illustration I did for IP i'm developing called 'Showtime' (

I took extra time and effort to record the whole process and turn in into full on almost 12hours workshop you can find here:

If you're interested what is my workflow and thought process on how to create character illustrations for film/games/book covers etc.. check the link.
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oh boy this looks exactly like a scene from a novel i am working on. so in love with your work!
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Armitage lll?
Very cool look!
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That is so COOL!
I love the way that you got so many different textures, it's very impressive! (I can't do that, so I for one am in complete awe. It's an unusual and necessary ability not many people seem to have, good on you for developing it!)
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Enviable talent, well done!
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Beautiful work! Amazing stuff.
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I thought this is a photo. This looks so tricky realistic.
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Because it's a photobashing not a painting.
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that showtime link doesnt work unless you break it down without the %29 in the url in it. also this art is awesome, big fan of anything cyberpunk looking of course but man .. i gotta say i cant tell if the model was real or a painting. man your skilled.
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Stunning !!!!!!!
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Im currently reading "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," and am delighted to see this work of art.
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Hi I need an image for my song Danger Girl on sound cloud. I ain't making no money (yet?) but if I do I could split it with ya or I could buy an image for ..  I'll open with $20 ?? I know it's a lot of work making art as good as yours - sorry for the low number - I'm a artist too - I should go out and make money but I just don't feel like it. 

Here the link to my song…

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wow thats crazy!
How HOW. The plastic is amazing.
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Holy shit. 
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I like the pic, Blade Runner meets Terminator.
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