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Flexing Every Muscle

"So whaddya think? You're finally here. How does it feel to be in front of the champ like this?"

The tiger flexes and shows off, before gesturing to his underwear.

"Like what you see? Custom made and all, fit for a champ such as myself, maybe I'll have them sold as merch eventually, but for now these are exclusive to the greatest there ever was and will ever be."

Fuerte chuckled softly.

"So quit staring and get naked already. That isn't a suggestion.

Been meaning to show this one for a long ass time! A wonderful art piece by one of my favorite artists period!

 Kestrel is an artist I've followed for years, and considering I've never had Fuerte well and truly in his underwear, I thought I'd change it, and thanks to his help, Fuerte now is showing off in frankly his best attire.

To say I'm in love with this piece is beyond an understatement, Kestrel did such a wonderful job with this piece, to the point that this will be a Fuerte piece I'll remember for years to come, despite being a piece of Fuerte almost naked chilling. It fits Fuerte perfectly, and the underwear is beyond perfection.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did, and be sure to check out Kestrel's twitter, trust me, it's more than worth it~

Kestrel's Twitter:…
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