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Shape Of Bumblebee

By MachSabre
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People have ranted and raved (and rightfully so) about the opening scene in the movie... But can we give some props to Charlie and Memo for being a rarity in the Transformers franchise? Human characters that are legitimately likable and endearing.

I mean, that's like a super short list. (Sari, Jack, Miko, Raf... Uhhh... MAYBE Cory and Lori?)

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This is so delightful. I love all of their expressions in this, and the stars in the background. What a beautiful piece.
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Did this movie not do well? This was really a cute scene 
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It actually did really well. $459 Million may not sound that much, compared to the $600 Million the last movie made... But it also cost a fraction of the cost, and was up against Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Marry Poppins, as well as the tarnished reputation of the previous five movies... The fact it made that much, more than breaking even and garnered critical acclaim was enough to make both Hasbro and the studios were very happy with the financial intake, and Hasbro recently announced that it'll be the relaunch point for a whole new universe, ignoring the Bay movies.
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That's.... wow that's a big leap for them 
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You three are going to prank a high school bitch? COUNT ME IN! :rofl:
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Awesome! And I know, right? These two were awesome. Bumblebee was too, of course.
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so very awesome :D
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Did you mean to say Coby, Lori, and Bud from TRANSFORMERS CYBERTON?  Because I completely agree with you.  BUMBLEBEE was definitely the fresh movie we needed after four of Bay's trash sequels after the first decent movie of his TRANSFORMERS movies.
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Yeah, those guys. It was late and I was tired. 💤
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S'alright.  Those human character are loads better than some of the others...looking at you, KICKER!  :iconfrageplz:
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The Animated and Prime Humans, followed by the new movies.

You have excellent taste, of course.
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One of my favorite things were how well the Human-Autobot pairings in Prime WORKED. I mean seriously, could you imagine Miko paired with Arcee?
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Yes, yes I could.  That'd be fun too.
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It’s a breath of fresh air to have a human cast that we can get invested in as much as the robot cast. 
I never hated the humans in the TF shows, but I was rarely ever invested in them either. It’s a hard balance to strike.
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Wait, you consider Miko likeable but not Verity or Hunter?
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Honestly, when I wrote that, I was thinking cartoons. But yeah, they certainly count.
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It was lovely seeing those three goof around at the expense of Tina!
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Seriously, I could handle an entire movie of these three pranking around. :)
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Same! It was great!
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