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Movie Starscream

Thought I'd take a crack at "animating" the movie's Starscream, so to speak, tweaking some stuff here and there. Hope you like.

Hmmm... Maybe I should have added the sword...
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Devon-J-Doolittle's avatar
Love this!!! They should have done a separate anime show like this.
Nero--Angelo's avatar
my favorite transformer . . . and they make him look like a giant metal dorito TT_TT
Phenometron's avatar
The most treacherous Transformer ever.
DarthWill3's avatar
:iconmegatronplz: You fail me yet again, Starscream...
KaijuGuy19's avatar
Pretty sweet take on cartooning Movie Starscream!
Novaburnhilde's avatar
Love it~ XP

awesome piccie :3
spacezillazon's avatar
wow Awesome job he's battle ready too! good overall look,details,colors,effects
zelda-lover's avatar
I'd watch this series :D
IggySeymour's avatar
EvilByMoonlight's avatar
Awesome, I like how you made him less triangular :D
KaijuX's avatar
Huh, that's real nice. :)
Lord-Atmo's avatar
I would love to see how you envision his face in animated form because the rest of him looks MUCH better than the CGI model! He's actually sleek looking again!
MachSabre's avatar
Well... I might get that chance soon. I actually wanted to sit down and do the entire movie cast liek this, but I got slammed with a long term project around the time shortly after the movie. That project is wrapping up soon and I've still been wanting to do it.
Lord-Atmo's avatar
Nice. I can't wait to see them!
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Bludgeon589's avatar
i love this, he never used th sword in the movie did he?
MachSabre's avatar
No, in fact, as this was drawn before I saw the movie I mistook his missle launcher for a sword. (NOt like he hasn't had a sword in the previous three incarnations.)
Bludgeon589's avatar
oh. but he never used it in the movie, that's the point i'm making, and also it confuses me that a missile launcher could look like a sword, oh well. regardless it's a fantastic pic anyway.
Cafcow's avatar
That looks great! Great job! ]:3
Jazzgirl117's avatar
Oh, he looks so cute here.
Highspead's avatar
His pose is sexy ;)
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StarscreamF15's avatar
I absolutely can NOT stand the THING from the movie they tried to call 'Starscream' but...WOW your tweaking of the design I could have happily lived with. Nice work. ^_^
Shirozora's avatar
This is sweet. He doesn't have chicken legs anymore...jk, :D
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