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Last Daughter of Atlantis



Yet another "faux cover" from me, but this one is a little different. (It's probably the last one I do for a bit.) There's no fake 'series blurb' with this one, because... Well, it's a long story. You can read it on my blog, as well as see the original image minus the logo and text here: [link] But the short of it is there's no blurb for it because I actually ended up liking the story idea enough that I'm actually going to do the comic. (Not with Power Girl, but with my own original character.)

But for those of you who are curious to this image in particular... I've always preferred her Atlantean origin, and I think that making her Kryptonian just takes away from her character, making it needlessly complex, as opposed to adding to it. People thought her Atlantean Origin was confusing... So basically, ‘She’s an Atlantean daughter put into hibernation’ is more confusing than ‘She’s another survivor of Krypton from a parallel universe, who also survived her universe being destroyed, and is running around in the current universe as the not-cousin of Superman.’


She's a great character and I'm glad she's getting more popularity these days. I've always liked her. She's one of my "Holy Quartet of Superheroes", along with Captain Atom, Blue Devil and Firestorm. (I call them that because they were my first superhero comics I truly followed.) I just don't think she needs to share Superman or Supergirl's origin.

I hope you like.

And a side note, it looks like this image will probably push my page views into the 100K mark. I should probably draw something up for that, shouldn't I?
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Had it been approached with the confidence in story and artwork of most of the other reboots of that era ( like Superman, Wonderwoman or for that matter Captain Atom, whose 1987 reboot both in story and in costume, was pretty impressive ) i think it could have worked out. Regardless of her origin though, i think the further she holds her 'cousins' at arms length the better in my opinion.

I can't fault your quartet of heroes, all great characters.