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JT Animated Prime colored

So Jeremy Tiongson drew this awesome picture of Prime from the late animated series, and I asked him if I could color it. He said yes, so I did. :)

I really like how it turned out. Hope you do too.

Lineart by: :iconjt-blueart:
Colors by: Me
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Awesomely awesome!!
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I love it the best I've seen.
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Wow he looks BADASS!!!!
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Wow he looks BADASS!!!!!
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This is ridiculously badass. Great coloring job.
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very nice... am i the only one who prefers the mystery of a prime without a mouth?
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I think both have their plus and minuses. Whenever Peter Cullen does the voice, I think he needs the face plate up at all times. But when David Kaye did the voice, I really didn't mind seeing the mouth. I feel the same way about Garry Chalk when he does Optimus Prime. I think it's got more to do with vocal inflections, where Kaye and Chalk's Prime comes across as 'just one of the guys', like the kind you'd wanna hang out and see a movie with... Cullen's voice seems more mythic, almost god-like... Which is what his version is like. So yeah, depends on who's doing the voice.
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i suppose having grown up on G1 and being a bit of a "purist" i do have that tendency to expect my Prime to have a certain "air" about his leadership that Peter Cullen captures so perfectly.

funny though that you point out the idea of grabbing a slice and seeing a movie with other versions of Prime, where the G1 Prime always seemed that little bit distant or inaccessible because of the burden of leadership or something.

anyway, my wife just walked past, had a quick read and called me a dork, so... nice talking to you! love your artwork, keep it up.
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Damn that's good.
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Is Magnificent!!
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Whoa mama. TFA 'roid rage.
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