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Black is back.

mature content mode : on, is for just in case.

ok lets start this topic. about few month's ago, i made this "black" titled artwork as an OPEN SOURCE. and then after a few weeks it goin crazy with more than 25000 downloaded as a free vector, at 1st i was happy and glad that a lot of ppl love my work. but on a 2nd tought, the result is too many image violation case's. i found it in "this" competition, i found it on " that" poster, i found it .... yea u name it, and the the only thing that make get into my nerve is that no one (not all) even put one single credit or link into my DA page or anything. and then i delete it before it goes chaos.

im not the "crazy popularity credit copyright person" type, but at least please just link it 2 ur work when this image is being used for reference or modified. Being inspired is is totally human habit, and its OK!, lemme repeat this again "IT'S OK". lot's of my work is heavyly inspired by Hajime's Mechanical design work, and most of my work also inspired by : phunk and many other great artist, and i always wrote it where i find them as a reference. Many ppl just said "REF USED".

i dont know wht u ppl think about this, i just wanna make sure that anyone know's the root's of this. let me know what u have in mind, i still need a lot of good advice for this one.

edit notes :
the open source file is maybe still alive somewhere outhere over this world wide web habitat if u'were that curious.

-with love and many respect-
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I also found it on a free vector site for use on a flyer but I always add the artist's name & web info. It's included in an ad for Free Art Fridays. I'll have the image sent to you.
Your work is superb. You should totally receive credit.
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Still have the source?
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Hey there broha... I just down loaded this and read your info in the left hand corner. I tracked you from a site that was talking about your crew. Pulled your deviant page up from your name... Anyways I like doing collaborations and just wanted to get your permission to do one wit this... Credit and links will be put in the description ...
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First and foremost, great design. It reminds me of Jet Set Radio in many ways. The relatively open background with the layers of artwork in front is a nice touch.

About the copyright issues, I am more than happy to agree with you. How difficult is it to cite a reference? It's the polite thing to do for starters, and it goes a long way in bolstering support for the original artist. I just wanted to say keep up the good work.
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love your work. LOVE it!
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Damn this is Crazy tight!
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wow this totally kicks! good job on this and a fab gallery too! :thumbsup: :+fav:
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All is great, muito bom mesmo...
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haha,, that is crazy that many people used the work for their own personal gain... your talent should be credited because it deserves it! foul people!!
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composition IS king and youve composed this piece fantastically.
maybe a different or lighter colour would have been better for that bag. would make the girl and her yellow striped suit stand out more.
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this design is just great!!!

I fully understand your concerns about the open-source-problem, even it kind fo free to use, it's still shouldn't be the problem to at least ask and give credits!!!
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amazing've got mad skills:)
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your welcome ya gallery is tight i've fav ya before awesome job man;P
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you r amazing hoe do u do this arts is there a certain programme u use ??
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thanx, i use coreldraw.
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great work man, shitty that so many people stole it, ages ago I uploaded a brush pack and the same thing happened with people not giving credit so I took it down. Inspirational stuff either ways bro.
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yeeehhaaawww,,bagus bgt,,itu yang ngambil karya bang mac,,rese amat ya...pokoknye situ d' best dah!!!! gyahawhaw
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truely amazing art love it
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awesome.... cool, someday i wanna make something like your's.... fuhhh workihard huh???
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