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January 15, 2008
those dang fireflies by =machine-guts is a really well made walllpaper, and it's funny to look at. The expression on the cat face is priceless. Do check out =machine-guts amazing gallery!
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those dang fireflies



Why the fireflies came to bother him, he'll never know. Perhaps they were attracted to the brilliant fuchsia-violet orbs that incessantly materialized around him whenever he conjured the rainstorm. But this time, he didn't even want it to rain. It just happened. And because he hated fireflies with such stubborn contempt... he was grumpy.

I wanted to paint a kitty after reading the manga "My Cat Loki" by Bettina Kurkoski. It just came out over here this month. Already addicted!

Yes, he's my original character. You won't find this story in the manga. :P No, you can't have him. Mine! *whisks him up in her arms*

“those dang fireflies” Copyright © 2006 Tracy Trowbridge "Machine-Guts"
Except for wallpaper usage, do not copy, alter, redistribute, etc. this art without expressed, written permission from the artist.
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this has been a favourite for years! New profile though as I've misplaced my old one... but yay I found this again!