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Pandora Na'vi Dream Catcher

Here I have created a Na'vi inspired dream catcher I call "Pandora Dreams". I used the brightly colored feathers worn by Neytiri, and hand painted the two long guinea fowl feathers to represent her arrow feathers. Bone and clay beads adorn the waxed leather cords, accented with iridescent pony beads. Sinew was used to form the web, strung with a turquoise colored shell. This was also used to tighten the feather quills to the waxed leather. Blue plant sprigs were added to the yarn weaved grapevine hoop. Size is approx. 7" across and 17" from top of hoop to bottom of longest guinea fowl feather.

I dusted the top half with a mixture of aqua glow pigment powder blended in an airbrush medium. I painted both sides of the two guinea fowl feathers with glow in the dark paint to replicate the look of Neytiri's arrow feathers at night. The bioluminescent photo was taken while the dream catcher was hanging in front of my black light. It glows strongly once charged under direct light for several minutes.

For sale here: [link]

"Pandora Dreams" copyright © Tracy Trowbridge "machine-guts" 2010. Do not copy, alter, redistribute, use for references, etc.
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Very beautiful!!

Where can I get this?
TheAllKnowingDemon's avatar
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sooooooooooooooooo cool
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I can imagine that na'vi would use dream catchers.
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Beautiful and inspiring!
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one word: Pretty! It definitely reminds me of something you would find on Pandora.
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
That DOES look like something the Na'vi would use...
Lussebullen85's avatar
Wooosh! i had no idea you made dream catchers!
its darling!
Ramoneces's avatar
Nice and original
inuyasha666hiei's avatar
omg thats so coooool
hawthorne-cat's avatar
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Oooooo Pwetty!!! XD
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Wow, it doesn't look that big in the pic, how long did it take to make? Very cool.
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Creative and beautiful, it captures the spirit of their magic! Lovely!!
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Thanks so much, everyone! :)

OtaniFumetsu, yes the paint glows this strongly once it has been charged with light. It works when held under regular direct light for several minutes, but the pigments react very well to the black light and charge several seconds after it has been exposed. Once you turn the black light off it continues to glow just as intense. :)
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That's...pure beauty! The glow is magnificent! :wow:
OtaniFumetsu's avatar
The glow effect looks awesome! And the hand painted feathers are a great touch. :) Does that paint only glow like that under blacklight, or once charged with light does it glow in the dark normally?
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Damn THAT is so awesome! Wish I had more to say. xD
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dude, what an awesome dreamcatcher. i love the color scheme.
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Ah! So creative! 8D And very awesomely done! <3
sh0ck-n-dIe's avatar
Thats amazing! I wish I had the money for it right now! haha very good work in capturing the Na'vi spirit and essence :)
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Really good man!
ZcudTheBlind's avatar
sorry about the "man", a bad talking habit; sorry
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