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Cave Dwellers Acrylic Painting



"The damp, heavy fog permeated her horn-like nostrils, forming a speckled boundry of condensation along the bridge of her nose. Her tense eyes pierced the darkness, darting around for a moment as she panted inbetween the silence. Their presence was much stronger now. The cave stretched for miles but their terrifying roars spiraled into her ears like a glacier of ice that had been enshrouded by fire. From moment to moment she would blend in with her surroundings, ensuring that she would not be seen regardless of their distance. If only Bacchus would have listened to her. If only he could have seen what she saw... then he might have believed her. But it was too late now. Her peaceful race, the noble Cave Dwellers were no longer the greatest secret of Haiascyinth. Now they were ordained as nothing more than mere prey, but their predator was nothing to look down upon. The Vosch were invading their labryinths with frightening haste and she hadn't a moment to spare. She knew these caves as well as a Frahl mole should know how to find his den, yet her chances of survival against the vulcan serpents were beyond the shadow of a doubt. For it is well known that you cannot look into the eyes of a Vosch and preserve your sanity..."

FYI, The Cave Dwellers are an ethereal race that live in the fog labryinths of Haiascyinth. They can change with the fog at will, blending into anything that they look upon. I painted her as she begins to dissapear.

Painted in acrylics on 25 X 17 inch stretched canvas. Sized as a wallpaper, prints available. Enjoy!

"Cave Dwellers Arylic Painting" and excerpt from "The Chronicles of Thok" Copyright © 2004 Tracy Trowbridge "Machine-Guts"
Do not copy or redistribute this artwork or literature without prior consent from the artist.
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... oh my god, how the heck do you people do this on computers! let alone on paper! 5/5 stars and favored