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TLK Lioness Lines [P2U]

I will not see ANY of the profits on DA anymore, and will not be here to help if there's any issues. $5 on patreon will get you this base AND all my other bases made up whatever present month it is when you're reading this!

Also available for $5 on:
Commissio ->

This carries five different lioness linearts for use, as shown in the example image. If you would like to purchase them separately please check out the my commissio gallery (, they are all available separate for $1 each.

Each pose contains:
Both .PSD and .SAI files of base as well as a transparent lines-only PNG.
Comes as shown, with separate layers for the body's color and the eyes/nose for easier coloring! There are NO additional ear/tail types or anything like that; what you see in the example is what it is; a simple Lioness template!

The sizes of the canvases vary per, but are around the roughly 900x1200 range, none are vastly bigger or smaller than that. All at 100DPI.

Please read the rules, they shouldn't be too hard to follow, and have fun making lions!


  • Do not resell the base as-is; only adoptable designs you colored.
  • You are allowed to make your own characters, gifts or adoptables (even for selling for real currency, go nuts!) 
  • You are allowed to edit this base as you please to suit your designs. Can be SFW or NSFW, can crop to make an icon of your design, etc etc.
  • You are welcome to share this with your friends freely, but NOT with the general public/the entire internet.
  • Please do not claim you drew the lines/do not erase my signature (although you're welcome to add yours as well)/other obvious 'do not steal' rules.
  • If you have any strange problems with the sai file glitching or something, feel free to contact me (here on DA or BWhoArt on Twitter are where I respond the fastest) 



1. The file is zipped by deviantart. Make sure to have a program for opening zip files, such as 7zip, which is free. Alternatively if you purchase it and just want the psd/sai files without doing that then note me.

2. The PSD/SAI files are folderless and without clipping masks so that shouldn't be a problem with these. If there's something your art program is incompatible with please ask me about it BEFORE you purchase the base.
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FATH3RFATYM09's avatar

how much are they?

Kaena59's avatar
Wolveslover4every's avatar

Purchased! these are amazing <3

Great for artists and to get commissions and such

Plus is a great feline loving community

lilghostie2's avatar

Are these available for points? And if so how many?

XxSanyuxX's avatar

I think 500 or 650?

KiaraXKovu27's avatar

How many points is it for 1 of these girls?

PearThePearWing's avatar

Can I just get the ones that I state below?

  1. Sitting and looking confused

  2. The one looking over her shoulder with her paw up

LittleWaveRide's avatar

I’m trying to buy them but the link won’t work

Machati's avatar
hm.. odd.
I looked into it and it looks like Sellfy is being pissy unless I subscribe to their services. Because I'm kind of in art limbo right now, I'm not going to be doing that atm because I'd be adding nothing new to it.. sorry.
The other link works though, which last I checked wasn't accepting paypal (though perhaps that has changed), but it's an option if you would prefer avoiding using DA points.
can I get the lioness that has her tail over the sitting lioness with points?
Machati's avatar
The one that kinda has her back turned/looking over her shoulder?
KellyTheWanderer's avatar
went to buy this and the other 2 (lines 2 and the outlanders) and none of the Sellfy links are working. Are these bases still open?
Machati's avatar
Should be! I would say check back in sellfy in a little. If it's still wonky, note me and we can do a paypal exchange. But getting sellfy to work, with an account of your own, is best because then you can redownload it whenever without having to wait for me to get off my lazy butt lmao
KellyTheWanderer's avatar
nvm :D I see the points option I didn't notice it before >.>; *facepalm* I will go that route thanks though
Claire-Cooper's avatar
Lugi Tiger White Form by lugi18  Don't know if this user paid for the lineart but figured you should see it. 
Machati's avatar
Thank you for the heads up! I have filed a report ♡ 
Claire-Cooper's avatar
No problem sorry you had this happen to you at all. 
Machati's avatar
Doing TLK stuff probably made it inevitable
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Brought via Sellfy~
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