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OC MLP Species: The Lipizzan [OPEN SPECIES]

Lipizzans are an OPEN species, feel free to make your own. But please:
Tell me about your OC and/or give me credit for making the species. If you have your own winged-hoof species I will not be bothered, I imagine plenty of people have thought of it xD but I'd love to collect all the Lipizzan OCs here in a list! That way you can find others of your kind <: 

I spent a lot of time going over mythological/fictional animals looking for a perfect winged-hoof animal. I didn't want to call it Hermes or something.... Along the way I ended up reading more about the Lipizzan/Lipizzaner horse breed. I feel like there isn't a better fitting creature, even if there are winged-leg animals.

Some extra information to go over:
•The quickest of the Lipizzans can run across water. They are exceptional however, most cannot.

•Repeating information: Lipizzans CAN be fat. And have the the same likelihood of being fat as any other pony type. It does not weigh them down, their fat is very buoyant. 

•Annd again: Lipizzans do not like being pregnant because of the feeling of weight. They do not hate moms or pregnant ponies however. They just tend to avoid it in their own life. 

•Not every Lipizzan likes being compared to cats. They don't praise cats any more than any other pony except for certain small towns of Lipizzans where the culture differs in many ways.

Fan added extra info:
Rare defects of the Lipizzan by Simminglugubrious 

Photoshop CS3
Images, Lipizzan Pony © Machati
My Little Pony © Hasbro

(If you want yours removed, just say so. Some just link to people's DA or FA account if they don't have a submission up for the pony. If you want the link changed to a different image, just say so)

Happy Flight (♂), Rainwhisp (♀), Violet Pastile (♀), Sweet Clarity (♀), Feather Fall (♂), Livia (♀), Piper Powderpuff (♀), Air Guitar (♀), Purple Gem (♀), Nightsky (♀), Jesse (♂), Thunder Lap (♀), Swift Breeze (♀), Purple Gear (♀), Morning Pastell (♀), Aierie (♀), Holly (♀), Windchaser (♀), Flutter Flight (♂), Collie (♀), Wind Willow (♀), Miranda (♀), Shortcut (♀), Blanket Stitch (♀), Accent (♀), Breezy Sky (♀), Bubble Peaches (♀), Joan of Armor (♀), Beachy Keen (♀), Psid (♀), Justine (♀), Strawberry Cream (♀), SlowPoke (♂), Twice Bright (♀), Starry Night (♀), Water Splotch (♂), Blue Rose (♀), Cliona  (♀)Silent Breeze (♀)Button Flutter (♀)Amethyst RiverBreeze (♀)Blueberry Skies (♀)Buttercup (♀)Mint (♀)Post Zip (♀)Easy Breeze (♀)Flower bell (♀)Sheilah (♀)Snowing Breeze (♀)Camilla/Chamomile Tea (♀), Cloud Pony, Mallo Fudge (♀), Sephora Blaze (♀), Evening Star (♂), Windy Breeze (♀), Blossom Cloud (♀), Feather Flutter (♀)Kale Chip (♂)Silent Step (♀)Autumm breeze (♀),  Cloudy Sunset (♀), Foam Bubbles (♀)Cherry Cheesecake (♀)Berry yogurt (♀)Cold Wings ()Oreo Delight (♀)Free-Flier (♀)Sugar Wisp (♀)Blueberry Sorbet (♀)Lapis Rose (♀)Duchess Mariee (♀)Twinkle song (♀)Ame (♂)Haruko (♂)Scoville Spice (♂)Honey Grabber (♀)Pax (♂)Grace (♀)Vixella (♀),
Minty (♀)Melon Lily (♀), Osere (♂)Ewari (♂)Ciaz (♂)Vest Kitty (♂)Rose Burn (♀)Lolli Dolli (♀)Silver night ()LillySwift (♀)Muted Song (♀)Pulley Strings (♂),
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Gorgeous!! Love the colors!

GlorysiaMelodyYT's avatar

Thank you!

Actually, her name is Starfall~

hi! ^^ Excuse me, my language is not originally English 👉👈 .. I just created a pony of this species, I leave your th if you want to visit it .. love the species ♡ ︎ ♡ ︎ ♡ ︎

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Awesome! I love what you did with the mane and wings :)

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-Snowglass- (MLP oc )

heres my baby Snowglass

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And here is my Lipizzan!

Bronze Key
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If a Lipizzan were determined enough, could they be able to, through practice and training of course, possibly get to the level of dexterity with their wings to be able to, say, pick locks?

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I think so! The pegasus can already do a good amount with their wings if they have the practice

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Glad to hear it, I've been hoping you would say yes. I'll have her finished in a few days now.

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They are super cute ill be sure too make some and credit you :>

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They're adorable! I'll try to make one even though I'm not good at ponies yet.

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I know this post is about 6 years old, but I have a question regarding Open Species in general.

I plan on making my own species open to the public, but I'm not sure how to make a good reference sheet for my creatures, do you have any advice on making an open species?

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It all depends on your species and what about it is important to YOU. Different species will need to highlight different things (like, I don't have to put the weight and height for this species, everyone knows how big they are. But if you made super tall tree ponies then you'd probably want to put the height!)

You don't have to put all your info on one sheet if you feel like you have a lot to say, and you don't have to draw a bunch of images if you don't want to either. Some people do it just as a html page on toyhouse, google docs, etc. Whatever is fun to you!

CatGirl236's avatar

Thank you so much! I'll be taking this into consideration

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May i make one? :0
GlorysiaMelodyYT's avatar

Should I use the species for fanfiction?

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Go right ahead!

What if you're just using another platform to show these? I pretty much just use my account to find cool species like this one, but my main platform is Amino.

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