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Clarinet Gun

By maceobennett
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It's a gun made from a clarinet... yeah...
A bike brake, and metal tube of sorts, some metal rods and nuts (these are on the inside, holding the thing together), and wood has also been used thus far.

I suppose I'm going for some kind of rifle or shotgun/blunderbuss as far as design.
Originally it was planned as some sort of steampunk weapon, but it's ended up looking somewhat more dieselpunk (I think so, at least). It fits with a steampunk setting alright too though (besides the lack of any steam-powered or particularly Victorian aesthetic/s). I'm definitely leaning more towards dieselpunk (possibly 'cause I like it more), though I suppose it could be considered as some form of 'turn-of-the-century' weaponry (an inbetween steampunk and dieselpunk perhaps?).

Oh, and just so you know, it's around 35.5" long... which is long enough to have made taking this photo rather promblematic... I fear for the future when I need to take more photos of this thing.
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Nice job. The musician in me cries at the fate of the poor clarinet, but I deny it looks good. :)
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Brilliant concept! It did turn out quite nicely. Good work with the bike break too ;) Can't wait to see it with full costume!!
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Cheers man.
It has gone quite well, despite some changes along the way (originally one feature for it was that one could unassembled it if needed - for storage and such. This feature is still somewhat apparent, just the unassembly is a little more time consuming than I'd like it to be). Otherwise though, yeah, turned out quite well.

Future modifications include:
- drum magazine (a la the Thompson submachine gun)
- light globes and appropriate circuitry (for a Tesla appearance)
- some form of decoration over the 'mouth' of the gun
- scope (using two remaining parts of the clarinet; the parts closer to where the reed goes)
- a trigger!!
- modifications to the current butt (needs to be shaped and coloured)
- an alternate butt/handle (maybe)
and probably some other things too.