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'The Guy'-Disturbed by Mace-X 'The Guy'-Disturbed by Mace-X
As a big fan of the band 'Disturbed', I've always liked their trademark mascot, 'The Guy'. He originally started out as just a grinning face but over time has become more of a fleshed out character. Appearing in their video of 'Land of Confusion', he was a sort of supernatural character who led the masses against the corrupt rulers of the world. Appearing again in their video for 'The Vengeful One', he once again as a figure fighting against corruption in the world. However, he was portrayed here as more of a powerful being that appears in human form to reap a righteous vengeance on corruption.

I found the idea of the character really interesting-he's essentially this powerful being that appears to periodically reset the balance of the world. In addition, although probably not related, a lot of Disturbed's additional media, such as artwork, album art and t-shirt designs have shown him in different designs and time periods, such as a samurai. With that in mind, I wanted to do my own concept piece.

As a cosmic type being, he has been around for a while. Using that, I decided to go with a more Primeval type of character; more bones and grit.

Base figure was a Spawn figure, removed all the extra bone pieces. Next step was a total repaint of black, then a drybrush of grey to highlight details and make him look a bit more supernatural looking. The hood was from my original Disturbed figure, cleaned up a bit, repainted and glued on, threw in a chain to keep that 'traditional' detail and then armed him.

Figure also features:

-Removeable bone wings (which move up and down)

-Axe weapon
KINGOOB Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Well done!
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Thank you!
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August 23, 2015
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