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Quoted from CGSphere:

"This website is dedicated to the evolution of technical and creative 3D sphere design and you're invited to participate! The purpose is simple; create the most captivating and visually appealing sphere from our provided scene using your 3D program and renderer of choice. We encourage everyone to submit his or her renders regardless of their skill level so long as they adhere to the rules. However, those with the best renders will receive the highest ratings and possibly make the front page. Your goal is to rise to the top, through the use of clever ideas, thoughtful execution, technical expertise, and dazzling presentation. Above all, have fun creating your submission..."

Sounds like an interesting contest. Wanna join? All kinds of 3D packages are invited. Check the screenshots, your aim is to move from here to here ;).
Cited from
CGtalk, one of the most frequented pro-cg websites, is having yet another challenge. The challenge is titled Eon- Worlds Within Worlds a novel by author Greg Bear...

Prizes =P are rewarded in three categories:

  • Illustration - (any method – 2D or 3D).
  • 3D scene - Still and 4-8 second renders.
  • Film Trailer - A 30 – 90 second trailer for EON.

Complete article can be found here.