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Pyrokrieg Unit

PYROKRIEG UNIT (rendered version)
(FULL VIEW please. see details)

Medium - FineMarkers and felltip pens, on 1/8 illustration board. then colored with photoshop.

The concept:
A dead body of a Nazi sub-fuhrer is experimented by postwar war-scientists. They fitted whats left of the body with a mecha-organic system so there's still part of the nazi brain that operates the monster. Life support is haphazardly placed. It's weapons are a swastika-shaped blade, a few grenades, and the flamethrower, hence the name. Clad in all leather and Iron. Hospital/Military experiment. It's purpose is to hunt down the sons of hitler (delos concept), and get their blood. to resurrect Hitler himself. for our comics: "World war 3" (we didn't even get passed the complete character study)

just to be clear, this isn't a PRO NAZI thing. It's an Enemy-character-concept-design.

I hear heavy metal guitars in my head when i stare at this. synesthezia

(shet tinype ko ng lahat ng to at di parin tapos mag upload. laki!)

eto sya in action! : [link]

thanks to my friend, SIBSHOW. for lending me a scanner :D
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Who on all earths would think that this is a PRO nazi thing? oO
It's full of destruction, it cuts of his own hands, it is kind of disproportional (uh... hopefully this is the right english word...). It seems to die in front of you.
Brilliant work! You are an amazing artist!
MacDoninri's avatar
thanks. :) i like decaying design
Panda1345's avatar
*loading a trench gun* cant have Nazi's

Epic concept
Zero-The-Hero13's avatar
This is stunning, also a fantastic back story idea. Bloody brilliant!
MacDoninri's avatar
glad you like it.
Cereal-Exp-Lain's avatar
amazing artwork and use of imagination
the schwastika used as a literal weapon is funny
MacDoninri's avatar
i always have to put disclaimers whenever i put this thing on portfolios . haha
tora777's avatar
Looks like Hellraiser meets WWII; not a bad combination, when one thinks about it, they do sorta fit.
Aleph-corsair's avatar
That I can say, this one too brilliant =)
SereanaDaisyBuns's avatar
*O* this is epic!!
:D :+fav:
holy shit man thats awsome
MacDoninri's avatar
:D thank you ~ there's another one like this too.
hanks for favin'
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this is wicked!
mistress408's avatar
ohh wow.. ang galing XD super detailed niice :clap: :heart:
MacDoninri's avatar
salamat salamat! ^^'
mistress408's avatar
walang anuman XD
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my god! :wow: astig to pre ah! may dextrose pa! astig astig!:headbang: rak n rol!
MacDoninri's avatar
Dextrose!(gusto ko rin un) thanks!
shonnen's avatar
no prob dude astig eh!
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badass dude keep it up
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