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Pyrokrieg Again

this is NOT a PRO-NAZI thing
its actually a concept character in P3X's "WWIII"
neo-international-war -ish Unit
(also, this is NOT an Anti-NAZI thing either)

Started before Guch's despedida
in Miggy's sketchpad. hehe. sa Bus.

INK - a pyrokrieg unit in in its fighting flexibility goodness
PAINT - 'flame' background


woot! cool! thanks sa pagtangkilik at comments
na miss ko magdraw!

EDIT: added Name beside Torso
EDIT: i miss the old default watermark of DA
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When did you get into your style of very detailed grachic work? What was your inspiration?
MacDoninri's avatar
at the time when I drew this, I was influenced by McFarlane, creator of the SPAWN comics. and McFarlane toys.
eventually, I got into KRIS KUKSI, the sculptor / assembler
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Well i LOVE all your detailing i hope one day i am able to do that with my stuff^^
Tohru-of-Marshmello's avatar
=D This is very very cool! (I miss the old watermark too)
Nerafinuota's avatar
Creepy,Gothic,awesome! :clap: :heart:
Zero-The-Hero13's avatar
Simply keeps getting better and better!
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thanks for checkin out my other stuff
Zero-The-Hero13's avatar
My pleasure, it's brilliant.
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AWESOME! I wish I could draw more than just stick figures!!! :P Miss You Don!!!
MacDoninri's avatar
:) haha. arcaaaade :)
Julian-Grei's avatar
astig ng details keep it up! :headbang:
Edermarmae's avatar
lulz i thought i was a nazi thing for sure until i read description
EmilisB's avatar
oh my god! that's me!!! :O
EmilisB's avatar
yeah, when did u get a photo of me? r u spying on me? :O
MacDoninri's avatar
i dont get it..
theALMs's avatar
I'm just wondering, how long did it take for you to draw this?
it's amazing! :wow:
MacDoninri's avatar
oh snap. i thought this was a comment to my other work.


this took me maybe 20 hours. :)
ut its one of my smaller ones. haha
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