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I sell Marijuana...paintings

After, "mondragon II"...

dragon lady: "hey, my son smokes pot.. so can you draw him a Bud? not the leaf, the bud. good? ok. same deadline :) same payment"

painting. $20 a pop

yehey. nuther $20.
mary jane and dollars. i feel like im in Grand theft auto.

painting plants with background is hard. :(
hehe. the shaper really looks like a christmas tree

find the faces. :)
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1520x2188px 1.59 MB
HP Scanjet djf4200
Date Taken
Dec 22, 2008, 1:38:46 PM
© 2008 - 2021 MacDoninri
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That stuff is legal ya know... at least in this state.
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another gr8 work!
___________________________Post Below

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Wow this is just mind blowing! Great art right here! :D
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This is so beautiful I could cry
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daam i want one of these
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a weed xmas tree
EmbraceWeed's avatar
inspiring and awesome
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Pretty ~
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ah. o.o are you still selling these?
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n iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ce
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this is really good!!!
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lol.. i found a few faces, hand me a spliff and i'll circle them :P
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OK, thank god you intended those face to be there. I thought I was LOSING IT. Fantastic piece, my friend. Absolutely Gnar.
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:) what face?

im kidding! :D
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:iconnotamusedplz: lol.
That wasn't nice considering I read that far too slow.
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I'm going to do this awesome painting justice by smoking some myself!
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Oh yeah dude, it happened... maybe. That night's a little fuzzy.....
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