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Comm: ANGEL TATTOO for Crystal

here's some recent work
I decided that ill put up my summer stuff first,
then I'll put my previous year's work

Commission for a friend done July 2010

This is gonna be her First Big Tattoo. (her whole right arm)

She wanted
+ an Angel
+ with flowers and dragon snappers
+ show 'compassion'
+ show 'giving more than what you get'

This was the final design I cam e up with. I'll follow up with the sketches.
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1631x3096px 1.22 MB
HP Scanjet djf4200
Date Taken
Aug 9, 2010, 3:33:07 PM
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oh wow, wonderful, maybe not as a tattoo, but as a picture- really amazing <3
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yea. it looks cool on paper. luckily it turned out pretty cool still on skin. :)
a unique tattoo like this would actually be cool. most peoples tattoos are very generic D:
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I absolutely love how you did the wings.
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I saw this tattoo on her skin for the first time today (first day of school)
it felt awesome. having your art on someone. permanently :)
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I bloody love how you mind works.
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how did you come up with that caoncept?
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the first sheet included different angel poses
in different styles (inferno (barry moser), cherubim, typical tattoo, abstract.. etc)
while trying to show the compassion, the sacrifice, and the dragonsnappers

then on the next sheet, it was a detailed study of one pose and all possible parts attached to it. like a toy model manual. with notes and captions. haha.

then i found a pose to stick with
and with photocopying and re-editing
i kept changing limbs, hair, wings, plants
til i ended up with this

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It's a very good design, and perfectly fits with the asked idea... :D
i-suck-at-the-art's avatar
Sick stuff man! I love it :)
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that is an awesome tattoo. i love how the wings are bones. Feathers look really good and love the flowers!
i would never get a tattoo cause i hate needles so i just use a permanent marker XD
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remind me to pay you to design my tatoo in two years xD
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