Things I Learned as an Oil Painter: Thing #3

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I'm on a roll, here.  Got to keep the momentum going!

Voila - thing #3:

Mix bold colours. They may look like too much on the palette, but they will work better in the painting.

I know a professional artist that has an outstanding eye for colour. He sees colours where mere mortals like myself see monotone. I was inspired so much by his abilities that I resolved to work on a piece that would attempt to emulate them. The experience was an eye-opener. The practical side of me fought it every step of the way. My head was chock-full of contradictions - every time I mixed a colour I would instinctively attempt to kill it with the opposite end of the spectrum. Even as the paint was going on the canvas I was balking (mentally). As the process continued my resistance started to wane. I was beginning to understand the importance of colour and how the role of art (my art at least) is not to represent reality, but to augment it.

The result of my inner battle was one of my most favourited pieces on dA:
Crowley Sunset 2 by maccski

I'm glad I lost/won.

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Thing #4 on it's way....
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I sometimes wonder what if the colors we see are not the colors everyone else sees. What if what we see as red etc, others see as yellow or some form of grey...

Because my son & grandchild are colorblind I wonder what colors they truly see & how I can paint objects to where they can SEE them & distinguish them.
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I've thought about that too. A good example of this is Monet's paintings when he had cataracts - he used more red & orange - and after he'd had them removed - he used more blue.
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That is VERY interesting! I recently noticed something similar...

I tend to use bright colors when I paint & don't get me wrong I like them, but when I was finally able to breathe correctly (I'd been suffering from undiagnosed asthma for yrs.) I noticed just HOW bright they really were & it was kind of overwhelming.
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i checked the link i think your color work is better much more believable and still vary clean
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Now that's definitely something I'd associate with Tom Thomson!
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Me too...a great example is his Petawawa Gorges painting: [link]
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I agree. Good advice.
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