Things I Learned as an Oil Painter

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Over the past couple of years I've been jotting down the things that I've learned as an oil painter.  Some of them I read somewhere (probably more than a few came from DeviantArt), some have been passed down by wiser artists, and some I figured out through trial and a lot of error.  Regardless of their origin, I now have close to 50 "things" and I thought I'd share them with you.  I'm not claiming to be any kind of artist-guru type, but I practice these "things" on a regular basis.  They are real tips from a real semi-pro artist working hard at losing the "semi".  They may not all be for you, in fact some of them you may outright disagree with; but if we all shared the same opinions the world would be a very dull place (albeit more peaceful).

I plan to post a "thing" every few days (no set schedule: I'm an artist, not a tweet-bot).  I want to do this because I think a lot of these "things" are pretty cool (some are blindingly obvious, but I had to learn them).  It will also get me posting to DA when I don't necessarily have a painting to share.  Hopefully each "thing" will generate a little discussion.  Maybe I'll get back more "things" to add to my list and painting habits.  Maybe…just maybe…I'll get some fresh Facebook likes (…)!

So over the next day or two I'll post "thing #1".  I'll reference this original post with each new "thing" in case you (or I) forget why I started this in the first place.

So…you interested?
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I'm no oil painter, but this definitely sounds like an interesting idea! :meow:
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Thanks - only a few things are specifically about oil painting. Some relate to the way I paint and some are probably relevant to almost everyone.
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I've seen your third installment and can verify this. :nod:
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cool i am all ears man love to share tips
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Of course, it sounds very interesting! Let them come!
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I'm interested! I'm always looking for pointers on oil painting.
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