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Shore Thing

Oil on canvas
14" x 18"
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2100x2700px 1.32 MB
Shutter Speed
1 second
Focal Length
55 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 27, 2014, 9:37:58 PM
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Thanks for uploading the WIP for this too! I love the comparison, and I just learned a new technique :D
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OK so it took me a month to respond (my excuse is I have 2 jobs - regular and artistic). It's awesome that you learned something - that's why I post WIP shots. 
ledzeponpep's avatar
seems like you need less and less strokes to tell the story. Well done!
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Thanks - I'm working hard on getting looser!
citypainter's avatar
Amazing how you painted the water with such broad strokes yet it works, I can clearly see the shape of the waves as they break against the rocks.
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Thanks - this was a quick one and very gratifying.
ClairObscur16's avatar
 I suppose that it's a summer landscape, but it still gives the feeling of a cold frozen water! I don't understand the title?
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It was November - nearly frozen!
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I'm guessing the title is a play on the English expression "sure thing", which refers to something that is certain to happen.  If you say it with some accents "sure" can sound like "shore".  So it's kind of a pun.
maccski's avatar
You got it - the pun works best in my native British accent...
ClairObscur16's avatar
 Who are you? David's twin? !! Thank you anyway for the vocabulary lesson. The way you and him paint the urban life is similar, enough... Dr Jekyll and Mister Hide?
maccski's avatar
Hey that's funny - you pretty much got that right!  Gary and I do the same thing in Canad's two biggest cities - we work with web pages by day and paints by night...
citypainter's avatar
Haha sorry to step in and speak for the artist on his own thread, I just have a habit of trying to be helpful :)
ClairObscur16's avatar
 Therefore, I'm nearly right!
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