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3D raptor attack animation

By maccollo
A test render of an attack animation I made for the game Primal Carnage [link] developed by Lukewarm Media.

Kimbo Slice gets mauled by a Deinonychus... Ok it's not Kimbo Slice, but it kind of looks like him XD

Raptor model made by Timur Mehmet[link]
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Soulless-eye's avatar
Wow, This is very well done !
Sigmaviper11's avatar
I was in awe until I heard the Wilhelm then I started laughing.
Nyoko-Wolf's avatar
omg amazing!!! I love playing Primal Carnage ^^ Love this killing scene
Lem0nGin's avatar
you probably should put a warning for a loud sound in this, got me pretty good just now. nice job, anyway.
GravedFish's avatar
holy fuck I crapped my pants when the sound came on
PoppetthePuppet101's avatar
Usually I don't like stuff that's over the top aggressive but, this is good.
karookachoo's avatar
Ok, the scream makes me laugh so hard. It's so corny, haha
The animation is really great though!
xXNamaste's avatar
fucking. amazing.
nerdsman567's avatar
Whoa . . . That was pretty cool. But that 1st person perspective is probably gonna give me nightmares. :O_o:
excalibastardd's avatar
I love the wilhelm scream and first person view :3
excalibastardd's avatar
All you need is blood
DanOcean's avatar
Funny, just need some blood spilling.
melaniedragon's avatar
MisterRawgers's avatar
Wilhelm scream? lol
DgShadowChocolate's avatar

:iconimshockedplz: HOLY----tha...that....that was awesome....
RosieA's avatar
=3 Happy Deinonychus.
2195Razielim's avatar
can't stop watching it even though the raptor size is wrong its not turkey size
maccollo's avatar
Who said it was a velociraptor?
Wynterhawke07's avatar
Even if it was a Deinonychus it would be too big. A Utahraptor, maybe? Do you work for Lukewarm Media?
AmericanRaptor's avatar
It's actually now called Novaraptor, a fictional species. And yes, maccollo's an animator for the team.
Wynterhawke07's avatar
I posted that before it was given the name Novaraptor, but thanks anyways. ^_^
the-angel-of-cutes's avatar
oh god first person O-O
BurningG-HellOnEarth's avatar
Ooh, now that's terrible way to go! Great animation though, truly spectacular!
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