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My School Comedy Film Cast Meme crossover

The new girl: Pucca
The new girl's bff: Mandy
The school Diva: Ring-Ring
The school Diva's bff: Mindy
The Goth: Raven
The Goth's bff: Starfire
The Outcast: Tobe
The Jock: Garu
The Geek: Noah
The Class Clown: Beast boy
The Responsible one: Scaredy Squirrel
The Dimwit: Billy
The Loner: Nergal Jr
The Genius: Tails
The Bully victim: Irwin
The Girl next door: Amy Rose
The Drunk: Conker
The Tomboy: Blaze
The Teacher: Grim
The Principal: Vector

I don't own anything. All characters belong to there rightful owners.

This meme belong to WickidlyStrange13. Link to meme. wickidlystrange13.deviantart.c…
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All awesome choices! Just have no idea how Vector would be as a principal since he's all money and music but hey! at least it'll be amusing.
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love it xd cool choices