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Face Chart

Feel free to use this.
If you want to make a character but can't figure out how their face is going to look it's nice to have reference!
Enjoy and check out my other body charts!

Cartoon Torsos -
Noses -
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For thank god I have the worst artblock and the head is what messed me up thank youuu

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P is nightmaren eyes
OneInAFandom's avatar
for some reason i draw myself with slanted eyes, even though they're pretty level...
thespacemasters's avatar
Thank you! This helped me a lot!!
CittyCatRocks's avatar
for the eye k im getting crona vibes from soul eater XD either k or i, and hten im getting medusa vibes for eye p cx
Sketch-Wild's avatar
This is so nice of you<3 and it helps a lot!
library9's avatar
this is gonna help alot! thanks +fav 
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YAY thanks !! its been "long" since i search something like dis 
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Omg I want to use this to try to make new characters
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Looks great, so well done! Will have to use sometime.
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I use 1,2,4,and 11 quite a bit. Thank you for such an awesome reference sheet! :D
macawnivore's avatar
You're welcome! Hope it'll be helpful in your future artwork! ^.^
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9 10 and 12 is my most frequently used faces and for the eye i woud use e and f and c
summary its pretty good very good 
NeonDjProductions's avatar
you have NO idea how much i need this
macawnivore's avatar
You're welcome!
TheBattyCrow's avatar
Awesome references! This is super useful, I will definitely use this, thanks^^
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Nice this is going to help me out a lot :-)
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