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Chart - Cartoon Torso

Just a chart with some torso shapes!

Face n Eyes -
Noses -
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Would it be ok if I use this as a reference for making my own comics I'll be selling commercially?

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"a sexy dwarf"
you can just say danny devito.
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Wow!  You give some pretty good drawing advice.  You just found yourself a new follower!  Hug 
Good morning,

Your tutorial is awesome. Could we translate that and publish on our store blog ?
We have great french community

Have a nice day :) (Smile)
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"I'm not sure what this is."
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"A sexy dwarf" X'D

I'll definitely use these as references once I start learning how to draw humans. (Currently I'm still trying to improve in drawing animals :'D)
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Thought that guy looked like Kronk ,from the thumb nail ...

Tysm for making this! ... 7 years ago! <33 Though I draw in an anime style, it will definitely be of use~
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Very helpful!
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thank you+fav this will be helpful to me! 
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Oh my goodness thank you so so so much for this!!!! Something like this is extremely helpful to a beginner like me
I really love it. Thank you so much
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You're right, but this is a simple chart for cartoon torsos. I should have been more liberal with the word 'typical' and 'usually'.
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No worries! Although, cartoons nowadays are starting to incorporate more and more shapes, so that's cool. ^.^
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I came for the usefulness, I stayed for your hilarious descriptions on some of the figures XDD  Thank you!!
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You're welcome! I'm happy that you liked them. =P
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"I'm not actually sure what this is."
You've just made my day.
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This is very useful!
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Thanks! I'm happy it helped!
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