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Shall we watch the stars together ?

A new Luna picture ^^
well some grasfield and a wonderful night, the perfect scenery to watch some stars :D ?
It's my new own wallpaper and you can download it for 1920x1080 if you like :)

I always love comments and opinions ^^

Done with Photoshop CS5 and WACOM Intous Tablet

Some other pictures from me:

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It is such a wonderful honor to see your brilliant work again and the only answer that I have to the title of this piece is a giant YES! The expansive atmosphere and environment makes a wonderful ground to make the princess the true centerpiece of this picture! The detail that you have included here is simply mind blowing and I love the way that it is used to highlight the amazing moonlight as well as the character design! The lighting and shading also adds an incredible amount of depth and the color work is divine! This is yet another magnificent piece and I cannot wait to see the next thing that you come up with! Keep on doing what you do best! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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thanks for your critique :)
yeah i know the setting with Luna, Nightsky and stars isn't very originlal ;)

i amde many Luna pictures before and sometimes i tried to put her in other situations like the "magid pond Luna" Picture. I just had this idea and used this picture to becoming better on nightscenery.

My next picture is a Rarity picture with a cave scenery and after that i will do a "Creation of Equestria Picture" with Celestia, Luna and maybe both of their parents... ^^ 
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The concept of Luna under the stars is quite common in the fandom. However, you're style is very nice and detailed, which really brings out the colors in luna's mane and night sky. Also, where could she be? As far as I can tell, there's no really solid feature that shows she's near any place we know of. Maybe her secret place somewhere? Another nice feature. Overall, it's a very nice piece that anyone can be proud of making. Something I will say though is when you draw Luna in full scenes like this, try to think of something less used in the fandom. Try to pull away from her being under the night sky. I know she's the Princess of the Night but it's a very common sight in the fandom when they do this. Overall, a very nice picture. 4/5 Stars
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So verträumt schau ich wohl auch immer wenn ich an Dich und ans Kuscheln denke <3

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All of your work is amazing and beautiful! Keep up the great work! /)
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this is spectacular!
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Of course! Why not?

Very impressive for me. Nice...
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Yes Luna, I want to see the moon rise... 
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wow Luna looks so pretty, she's my favorite Alicorn princess
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Your scenery is so lovely, especially the night skies.  :heart:  Beautiful work.
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I think it would be petty cute if you put luna watching the stars with ether her sister Celestia or her gender switch Prince Artemis it could be like a follow up on this picture that is in my opinion very amazing. You are a very talented artist :)
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Its briliant work, can you tell me how it work create? 
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Of course, Luna! Of course that I'll watch the stars with you! :la: :la: :la:

Really love the background! It's beautiful! :love:

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Yes, I want to watch the stars with Luna <3
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This one's really cute. =)
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That would be a dream come true.


Wonderful work
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why the hell not *sits down*
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"Yes :)."

You did a fantastic job with the sky. It feels very real, and given how the rest of the picture looks, it both complements it and is overall just a wonderful show of your details.

The left mountain (looking at the pic) draws my eye up to the sky, did you do that on purpose?

Luna looks amazing in this pic. You did her a little bit different than your previous work. She's a bit darker in the coat color, but her mane color is a bit brighter and far more vibrant. I can't get over the sheen and color of her mane! It's... It's... :icondashsoawesomeplz:
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you just got yourself a watch. :)

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Is there any chance you could make another version with just the landscape? Because HOLY CRAP IS IT GORGEOUS!
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