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Dreamy Fluttershy



Some dreamy Fluttershy in the clouds :)
Done with Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Intous Tablet

comments are always welcome ^^

Shall i do more Pegasi/Alicorns in this style ?

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You know, I can't imagine how hard textures are to create. I have a hard enough time putting to words what something "feels" like using only my sight. But I've seen artists have fun (and many times struggle) with textures involving two major factors: water and clouds. I seem to see these two things time and time again.
The familiar filly, Fluttershy, has been depicted many a time in graceful portraits of her soaring through the air, alone among the trees and nature, or on a soft pillow of clouds. I dare say I've seen that last one too many times. HOWEVER, if there are two things I can't get enough of it's the ponies and.... well.... Pink Floyd, but that's beside the point. I have seen this kind of thing before several times. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just don't expect any extra points for originality.
Now I bet you're just a teeny-tiny bit curious as to what I actually think about this, so let's cut the bullshit and get on with it, huh?

This particular piece excels where I've seen several fail, that is the focus. I've seen pieces where artist attempt to make the scenery of a cloudy sky appear so light and airy, while keeping it bright and sunny. When they did this though they sometimes overshadowed the focus of the piece, be it a character or whatever. I guess you could say I'm tired of the pieces' focus being *Obscured by Clouds.
What I like about this one is the texture of the clouds is well done, and it even emphasizes the character in focus. The clouds seem more dense at the bottom and kind of air out when you look up, and the additional cloud in the foreground very airish and light leaves the only thing in solid focus to be the character in the clouds. Fluttershy stands out properly, it doesn't look like she is part of the clouds. Her mane, tail and, legs are blended into the clouds to retain that soft texture, but she is still intact. That in mind, her vertical arm and the nearby streams of her hair could stand to be a shade darker. I understand trying to make them shine, so that they better reflect the sunny atmosphere of the piece, but if the outer stream of the body or hair is too light, you have that obscuring effect I was talking about. I think the tail was done perfectly.
As for the rest of her, it is clear to see. A soft, sunny atmosphere to reflect the soft, sunny nature of our beloved filly, Fluttershy. It may not be the most original piece, but the inspiration and skill is abundantly clear to me.
Also, was Flutters tokin' up some of that "*Cirrus Minor?" She's got a bit of a *Pinkeye there.


*Subtle Pink Floyd reference for self-comic relief