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+__ Bustle pad tutorial

By Macabreskiss
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Yay! Finally I've uploaded the tutorial!

It's my first tutorial on something, although it isn't the greatest. I've tried to be as clear as possible, but since English isn't my native language there might be some mistakes :)

I originally made this for *SSJ-Kasumy, because I offered her help with the pattern for this pad, for her EFF outfit next weekend. I as a little late though, so I decided to upload it for the rest of the world :B

Also I want to state that I'm merely an amateur, so I have no experience in the official way of doing stuff like this. Don't flame me for that.. this is just my way of doing this. I only want to show/teach others on how to make their own stuff as well :)

Hope you have fun!

Remember, you need the patterns for this tutorial! They can be found here:

Download the pattern for full size!

Time taken: 2min.
Materials: Black marker
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Hmm... I may have to take some word to the wise from this and put it to use on my cosplays. Seems like something one can make even with my rather limited knowledge of sewing.

Regardless of me using this or not, I thank thee for the illustrative tutorial anyway. :)
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Thanks alot for the lovely comment. I always try to use as many pictures as possible. I like tutorials this way myself :)

Might there be anything unclear (if you use it), feel free to contact me! <3
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I doubt there will, but I'll keep it in mind :)

(You know, I always wondered how the victorian style dresses really were that big in the back, before... x) )
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you are a life saver THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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Glad I can help :D
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When you pinned piece C. to A. you should have something as in the picture (3rd picture of the tutorial). You sew them together and that'll be it. Or are you confused about the step after sewing them together?

If you're confused or have any questions just let me know, I'll try to explain..
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this is kinda really confusing... So after a pin piece C to A, what do i do..? im just sooooo confused..
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Does the butt pillow have to be so...thick? (At least that's how it looks on the model, anyway.)

If you ever do a tutorial on making pads for a push-up bra, or some garment to lift the breasts, then I'm definitely interested.
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Yeah.. the pillow has to be like that. If you look at old Victorian pictures you can see they have these oversized asses as well :P

Hehe.. I don't think I'll be doing some bra tutorials.. I'm not even sure how to make these things :P
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Super handug!!
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Leuk gedaan :glomp: En ik zal even zien of ik het er nog bij kan maken, in principe is de rest van het outfit klaar, en het valt ook wel mee om deze te maken, stof heb ik nog wel ;) Bedankt! :glomp:

En ik vind je tutorial wel goed hoor, en de foto's zijn ook goed ;)
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Yay, ben blij dat de tutorial verder wel goed is ^^

Nou ja.. hij was voor jou gemaakt, maar het is niet erg. Ik ben niet echt iemand die zijn ideeen en technieken voor het oprapen legt, maar ik vond het erg leuk om te doen! Ga ik zeker nog eens doen!
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Ja meestal maak ik zelf ook geen tutorial, meer een making-off met allemaal foto's want ik heb eigenlijk nooit zin er tekst bij te zetten, want met die Popkes gaat het ook allemaal zo snel dat ik die stappen automatisch al doe. En dan krijg je meestal ook weer vragen over hoe en wat, omdat mensen het soms precies na willen doen terwijl dat niet altijd hoeft.
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