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Angel Zone NPC Ref - Percy the Fate

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"Okay. Let me guess. You want good Fate in your fight? Yeah. So does everyone else. What's in it for me? C'mon, hurry it up. I gotta go find Ko, 'cause we got better f**king things to do than deal with Amet-sushi's freak show. ...What do I want? Uh, how about your hand? HOW is that too much to give me?! I'll even let you pick right or left! Jeez...A toe?"

Name: Percy Wier
Species: Cursed Human. Fate. Cannibalistic Wendigo.
Gender: Male
World of Origin: Planet Earth
Weight: Approximately 230 lbs.
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Build: Strong arms and chest from summoning magic, oddly gaunt stomach, thin legs
Eye Color: Grey cast over eyes from ability to see the directions of Fate. Without the magic, his eyes are hazel
Magic Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brown
Profession: Dr. Ametsuchi's Study Subject, Zone Hobo
Most Likely To Be Found: Bumming you for a ride to another zone.


Percy is a one of the Three Fates. How would a Fate let themself get captured by Dr. Ametsuchi? Well, this also happens to be the laziest Fate. Rather than try to fight the doctor when she wanted to summon him, he tried to hit on her.  She put him in her bubble. Now he's stuck in Ametsuchi's reserved tournament zones with no way to travel between them. Does he care? Well, he hasn't found a reason to yet. He's annoyed when Dr. Ametsuchi insists on supervising him or attempts to study his powers over Fate. He's even more annoyed when she tries to keep him from eating people - or worse, putting him in her unbreakable supervision bubble - or worse still, threatens to put a shock collar on him. His favorite pastime is wreaking havoc with Ko-Reko in uncouth zones when they can sneak away from Ametsuchi, and either magically or in-person harassing the tournament contestants.

Ametsuchi seems to know everything about Percy - everything, that is, except how his Fate magic works, and especially why he of all people has it. She thinks he is a rather sad, pathetic "Fate Bum," and thinks he does not deserve the powers he is given. She also secretly likes to mess with him.

The Curse:

Magic-users who misuse their powers are more susceptible to curses than others. In his childhood, Percy committed the unforgivable act of cannibalism and was cursed to become a Wendigo, a creature whose entire body and being could become dominated by the will to eat human flesh. If he goes for seven days without enough human flesh, he could start to deform, and his body could twist into a large and powerful skeletal, spiny, deerlike creature. When in this state, his mind is clouded by pain and starvation, and he will stop at nothing to kill and destroy anything in his path. However, he also loses his rationality, and when he does transform back into a human, he will be exhausted, sick, in pain, and not able to summon much magic.

Typically, Wendigo humans do not live long in today's day and age, as they are easily hunted down and destroyed by non-magical government or other magic-users. However, because of his propensity to lie low and the addition of his Fate powers, Percy's managed to keep out of harm's way for now. Through the years, his mind has been twisted to be focused on his own hunger and whims, and hardly even sees himself as human. Even when he is not transformed, it's hard to tell where the human ends and the Wendigo begins.

Strengths and Powers

Percy's Fate powers mean he has the power over chance, situations that have an output that could go either way based on the input. He tends to abuse these powers for his own entertainment, giving bad luck to those who don't deserve it and good luck to those who don't or are as lazy and selfish as he is - sort of an opposite Karma. He can also influence coincidences, things seeming to fall in place at the same time, and things meant to be. But he can not override all free will of humans - just chance. However, chance itself is an immensely powerful factor - and one Percy probably does not have nearly the responsibility or propensity to properly handle.

Percy is relatively tall and burly and thus may be able to pose some challenge if he is engaged in physical combat.  He has a switchblade (like switchblade.jpg) in his pocket he will use for close encounters.  His magic is summoned in the form of grey orbs in one or both hands, which seem like spinning balls of shining air.  They can grow larger and more powerful the longer he takes to form them and the heat of the orb will increase the larger the orbs get/faster the magic moves, particularly in the center.  He can use this energy to manipulate objects as well as using it as a force to fire outward from his hands.  He could use two orbs, one in each hand, to give him a boost upward like an extra high jump. Orbs may be used for blocking attacks - a larger one can be used like a shield, and a faster one can deflect attacks such as bullets.

Weaknesses and Limits

The speed at which the orbs leave his hands can be used like the firing force of a gun, but he must take time to form each orb to the size he wants them.  In addition, orbs will dissipate gradually over a distance or almost instantly after hitting a target.   For example, he could shoot orbs in rapid succession like a machine gun, but the orbs would be so small that they would not be as effective over a long range like a machine gun.  The orbs that will do real damage take longer to form to make them stronger, faster, or larger, which of course can be a problem if he does not have the time to develop them.  It will be difficult for him to manipulate complicated objects or larger objects without being in direct sight of them and what he is doing.  Percy still has flesh that is not as well protected, as he has no armor or the protection of the body exterior of the Wendigo when he is in human form.  He must be careful when using the orbs to propel himself that he also steadies himself when he comes back down too so that he not harmed by the force of gravity when falling back.

Percy has no power over holy or demonic magic - if there is something done by holy or demonic magic that could override his magic, it will do so.He has only the power over Chance… nothing to do with the element of surprise. Like anyone else, he can easily be thrown off by the unexpected. And also, luck itself can be a blessing or a curse.


Percy is slovenly and lazy, always looking out for himself, and has no qualms about killing anyone if it will serve in his favor, especially humans.  Although he tends to avoid responsibility, he also recognizes that some people are actually useful, either more intellectual and possibly helpful that way, or able to do things for him like cleaning or even just being entertaining to watch sometimes.  He is not above taunting his opponents, or other humans.  It is likely his battles will not be very strategic, since he is not much of a planner.  Since he is not as in control as usual, he will try not to get into fights outside of the tournament and might even strike up conversations with humans, and other species he will have some curiosity about.  Through interaction with others he is often perceived as darkly joking, sarcastic, and easily amused.


Not having to do work, being able to manipulate others, other lazy people, having magic, being in control of a situation, twisting situations awry from how they are expected to go, gambling and most other games


Having to work for things, being out of control, people who are controlling or hard-working, not having as much magic as someone else, being manipulated, not wanting to eat meat, children and whiney people he sees as annoying


-He is bisexual.
-He will call Kit "Kit-Kat"...and Dr. Ametsuchi "Amet-Sushi"....
-He has a pet severed left leg of some very light-skinned lady. Her name is Peggy. Not the person, the leg.

Feel free to ask me any questions you would like about this weirdo!

Voice reference:… this is at 46 minutes 49 seconds if the link doesn't work for you; the character's name is ramsey, his first dialogue lines are "I am. I am actually here. Thank you for noticing me. Oh, I heard Tripwire. No, I'm not too familiar with him. I only got the tail end of his act. No, but I have been living in jail."
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SteedAngusProfessional Digital Artist
Oh...THIS guy. HAHA
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CassadillerProfessional Digital Artist
Omg yes I finally get to be in an OCT that has Percy in it.
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Don't let your dreams stay dreams
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We all know Peggy the leg will win this tournament
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Do it for her.
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Just for her
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Okay, reading back through the refs, I remembered the "Butt Zone" and the "Corpse Zone" listed here on Percy's sheet. This leads me to believe that in the setting, there may be an infinite amount of varying "zones", but only five were selected by the good ole Doc' for the purpose of people trying to murder each other.

Hmm... Ideas.
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This man will grant game-changing luck to the first person who gives him a severed pinky and a good Elvis impersonation, I'm sure of it.
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Forget what I said on the ref's list...we all know these are his true weaknesses. 
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I highly approve of the fact that both Peggy is still around and that Percy's going to continue to use his nickname for Kit xD 
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Of course, you can't have Percy without Peggy! I did leave her off the drawn ref though, so people don't feel like they have to somehow include some dead leg if they want to include Percy XD;

Do you know that between Amet-sushi and Sushi (Kryssa) it is like Amet-sushi is the evolution of Sushi.
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Ah yes, Kryssa to Ametsuchi. The most natural evolution. XDD
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You go from a Gyrados to a Noivern. At least they both are part dragon type.
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Am I the only one to have noticed Percy was added to the character list? I've been lurking for a few months on AZ-OCT and I'm severely disappointed that no one has posted a joke about Percy's lovely balls.


*returns to the lurk*
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Can you believe I went through five rounds of an OCT with this guy and FRANKLY I'm surprised no one else in all that time has either! Had a few d!ck jokes here and there, probably because he is one. :D (/Booed offstage)

(also, I'm honored this is your first comment on dA lol welcome to the party). 
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I mean, I've been around. Wasn't really sure what I wanted to do up until very recently. I probably started lurking on DA around round 3 or 4 of Law of Talos.

But I just couldn't pass up on the balls.
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Well, I'm honored. I think. XD;
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