Commissions (: OPEN! Cheap too!
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So, i've decided to open commissions. (: I hope the prices are reasonable.

Rules & Terms:

What I can do:
-Original Characters
-Fan Art
-Cartoons and Anime (redrawn in my style)
-My style drawings OF real people, although again will be in my style and I can't promise it's realisticness. (Asking me to paint up a portrait of yourself, that's cool with me!)
-Characters with animals-qualities (furry ears, tails, reptile skinned areas, i'm open to whatever)
-Adult-topic stuff (check out the CANT DO for more info)
-Both genders

What I CANT do: (or wont)
-Nudity of the male and female genital area. But asses & breasts, that's fine with me.
-No characters can be drawn doing profane acts. (sex(I wont draw the graphicness of it, but we can talk about this one if you really want it), murder, drugs, self-harm, and shit like that.)
-Animals. Dear lord, this is for your OWN safety. I can't do animals, man.
-Things that contradict my style. Like asking me to paint a realistic portrait of Gerard Butler or Justin Bieber. If i could, i would, but my skill range and time range won't allow for it.
-Old people

Seeing as how I have college and art collectives that also demand my artistic time and attention, my time is unpredictable. Expect these done and given to you from anywhere between 1 week to 3. I'll give you a time quote when we've talked.

1. Check out the above pricing and selection i've offered. Look at my rules/terms. Decide exactly what you'd like.
2. Email me or Note me: (Email: I get emails first.
3. IN the email tell me exactly what you want. I've written a mock-up of an example that you can use, below.
4. If we've both agreed on terms of commission, and I confirm everything with you, you'll send a payment to my paypal:
5. Once i've received it, i'll confirm with you that I got your payment, and then start working on it.
6. When it's finished i'll send it to you via email or whatever your preference. This is only DIGITAL stuff, no print.

Easy peazy lemon breezy. Lemons.

Example of what should be in the email/note: (feel free to copy/paste)

TO: / macabre7
FROM: you

Subject: Commission! Meow.

-Tell me a little of what you'd like, or about yourself.

Character: Original/Fanart/Real Person
Commission: 1 character, full color, waist-up
-For Original characters: Skin color, hair color, eye color, body weight, gender, clothing styles, accessories, colors if you have a preference. Anything left not mentioned tells me I can choose. So if you don't tell me what hair color, i'll choose one for the character. So tell me!
-For fanart, cartoon/anime or real people: link me images and names of the people/characters, and if you have any special notes about it let me know.
Special Notes: Write me anything you'd like to add or anything you think I should know. Any special requests.
Preference of final file type: jpg, pdf, tiff, png, let me know. My standard is .jpg, if you don't specify/care it will be a .jpg.

Be as THOROUGH and DETAILED as can be! It helps. Again, any information you leave OUT I will fill IN myself.

Logistics, or whatever

Refunds: Because i'm nice, i'll refund your money if i take more than 30 days to fulfill your request. But that's the only time i'll refund your money.
Canceling: Once you've sent the payment, you have a week to cancel and i'll give you half your money back. UNLESS, i've already finished the commission before you cancel. Then i'm sorry.
Changes to request: Note/email me as soon as possible, I'll see what I can do. Although, if for example you've decided to change the gender of the character, and i've already drawn and colored it, then it's too late. But we'll have to see.

My Rights:
I have the right to put my logo on all works and put this up on my gallery/portfolio. If i'm drawing your original character, your credit will be given.

Your Rights:
-You can post my piece in your gallery as long as there is clear linkage to me and my page in your comments.
-You can't use my commissioned art for commercial use.
-You can't take my logo off, edit the piece in any way shape or form, or use it in any other of your artworks, after i've released it to you.

That's about it. Help me by helping you ^^
Any questions? Note me.
PS: I love creative original characters, or creative takes on existing characters. Those are the ones i have the most fun with ;)
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macabre7Hobbyist Digital Artist
Disclaimer: commissions are no longer open, as i am revising these prices.
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AlasterWakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Very soon I want to commission you :)