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Resume Upgrade

*I've Moved!* Check out this deviation on my new profile, here: [link]
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Could you be so kind and send one editable copy for me
Could you be so kind and send one editable copy for me :)) THANK YOU :)
sorry Christina 
hi kevin , i want to modfie my resume , i send you my mail , please contact me i like your stile 


mac1388 what a great work, could you be so kind and send me editable version to  . Thanks a lot
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Hi there, could you please send me an editable version :) Thank so much
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is it possible in anyway to get this emailed to me, its so awesome. =D
Hey i love this CV. Great work, could you send me an editable copy at ?
wow!! awesome

May I get this editable version?

Thanks so much
nice work, please send editable version to
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Nice and simple design :)
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Whoa, amazing job!
I'm researching resume formats for a project, and this is one of the first I've seen that can pull off the sideways appearance
And I also love your font. Which one is it? *looks hopeful to steal font in uncopyrighted*
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This is an amazing CV, I really love the structural layout of text here its so striking Im sure your employers never missed this CV. I have been looking around the Internet for some time to look for inspirations and this one caught my eye instantly :) I have already come up with a original design my main concern now is the content (this is my first time in applying for jobs in Design).
Thanks for sharing this with us once its complete I would appreciate your feedback on my one. I believe this site should have an advice section to help artists write CV's what do you think?
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Glad you like it! And I am sure yours will turn out fantastic ;)
It would be helpful for people to have a section like that, but since that isn't the focus of the site - might not be within their plan. I love it when people post things they are working on though. They open the floor up for people to comment and add suggestions / edits / ideas. You could always do something like that. ...of course, I'm answering this way after you've posted. So you may have already finished your design ;) If so, I'd love a look!
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Hi, thank you so much for getting back to me - I didn't think you would reply back
knowing the huge fan base you have ^^ Yeah I recently did a resume not too long ago
and just for you I managed to upload it for you and others to see.

The past few months had me jumping from one CV adviser to another its become a full-time job -
they always told me to keep it basic and simple and as an artist the thought of that kinda
made me cringe lol.

Here's the [link] when you have the time please have look, its not as fantastic as yours.
This is the best I can come up with.
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:) Many thanks!
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I like the other version better, but all in all, you've inspired so many people!

Keep on inspiring. You definitely inspired me for sure. =)
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The 'upgrade' was at suggestions by my professor - but personally, I agree with you ;)

Thanks so much! :glomp:
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one of the best designs i have seen on line so far! very simple, but works!!
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Thank you so much! :)
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was very good! the font and the layout, clean layout! very good
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