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Published: January 9, 2014
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on tumblr ->… Lol, just kidding...I love fandom xD But poor Elsa...
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Omg I just LOVVEEE the way you drew Pitch!
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Oh poor Elsa, if only there was someone out there you were not shipped with....

Completely agree and love this art!
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awesomestarzStudent Traditional Artist
They call it "Cold and Dark..."
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awesomestarzStudent Traditional Artist
To be honest... I sort of ship them... Not as a "lovey-dovey, happily ever after" sort of ship, but as a "parasitic," Stockholm Syndrome kind of ship. Pitch manipulates her and feeds off of her loneliness and begins to convince her that he's the only one who will understand/accept her.
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aericmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I heard that Idina Menzel(Elsa's voice actress) liked the idea of Elsa being homosexual. Anyone else like the idea(I don't!)?
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That's because she's part of the Hollywood group-think. I'm with you. I don't like the idea.

That said even a normal romance would have to be done right or it's best to leave her unattached. 
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Maybe not specifically homosexual but I like the idea of her not being straight tbh.
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aericmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I prefer heterosexual Elsa. 
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aericmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mainly because I am not supportive of Disney being politically correct, and also because I like heterosexual pride. I'm not a supporter of LGBTQ+ pride. 

Now, don't hate me and shower me with "love is love" slogans. I have my reasons for having my opinion, and you have yours, so don't debate me on this. 
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There are lots of heterosexual characters though, so it's not like there's a lack of them but whatever, I just wanted to know your reasoning even if I don't agree with them at all. Honestly I don't want her to be shipped with ANYONE, she doesn't need a man or a woman at her side, she's strong enough by herself.

I wasn't planning on debating this with you either, there's literally no point. Have a good life and thank you for the answer.
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rababcoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the idea of aromantic/asexual Elsa. She's a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man (or woman). It's a good way to fight the stereotype that aromantics/asexuals are heartless since we already see how much she loves her sister. 
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I like that idea too actually, I don't mind her being asexual/aromantic. One of my best friends is aromantic and he's one of the sweetest people I know. I don't know why people think aromantics/asexuals are heartless. That's actually rather stupid in my opinion. Why is that even a thing?
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RDJ1995Student Filmographer
You heard her people, give Elsa some respect she wants
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Never knew Elsa was shipped with so many people.....especially not Anna ==;;;;; 
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BloodRedWishesHobbyist General Artist
Jelsa is the true one to ship outta all of this
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ChelseaStoryHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't forget Tadashi.
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AnaxErik4everHobbyist Writer
Flynn already has Rapunzel, so get him out of there!  Pitch would make her feel WORSE because she is afraid of herself and losing control of her emotions, which would give him infinite fuel to torment her.  Anna is her sister, and quite an annoying and co-dependent one at that.  Jack Frost may be an immortal spirit, but his personality does not match hers in maturity (Although I think it balances out well with Elsa always being mature for her age growing up.)  And Hans... "If only someone COULD love you." enough said.
Leave the next Queen Elizabeth I alone.  If she takes a royal consort, it's her choice and not the multitudinous fandoms that have strayed into where they aren't wanted.
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FidelibusHobbyist General Artist
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DJMonster101Student Writer
I definitely agree with you on this! I believe Elsa deserves to choose who ever she wants! 😊❤
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