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Let's hope the big guy doesn't clap.

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Straight up beautiful.

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very cool and cute brilliant idea someone very timeywimeywibblywobbly would say :)

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I remember seeing this on Facebook, and thought it was a rather unique crossover. Now that I found the original, now I actually wouldn't mind these two coming across each other. It'd be pretty interesting.
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Omg this is so cute!!!!

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God... This is beautyful...
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I love this. That is easily one of the best animated movies of all time. It took a serious subject matter such as nuclear war and made it understandable for kids. I like when movies take kids seriously. The most interesting fact about the movie is it was a commercial flop but It became a cult classic. Its got a lot of heart and I love the big metal man. I love that movie so much. Thank you for making this.
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I shed a tear, and heart felled with happiness. You are awesome!😶
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im crying (dont worry thats a good thing)
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I'm not crying *sniff*, you're crying!
I AM crying, but they’re happy tears.:Tears: 
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Oooooh man that is so sweet 
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This is wonderful! :D
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The most wholesome sight of 2018. Hands down
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Damn straight  
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I like that fam. Just for that, I got you
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OMG so beautiful!!!! :D 
Finally meeting his hero!
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Wuah.. O_O this is splendid
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