ACen XX09 Aftermath
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So on Saturday I became a missing person between 2 Pm and around Midnight, I can't find any pictures of me on DA from ACen XX09, but other than that, I had a good time. I ended up going as Shino on Sunday as well instead of my Shadowrun plan.

So yeah, about there not being any pictures of me other than the one i put up: WHY DOES NO BODY LOVE SHINO?!  I AM SHINO, THE BUG GUY, THE COOL BAD-ASS GUY!  LOVE MEEEEEE!!!!

That is all...
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RenLover1Hobbyist General Artist
i love shino does any one relize that i love the bug man and so dont millions of others but whats different with me is ima his no.1 fangirl
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Well, I know I have alot of fans. One Hinata cosplay girl nearly broke my back frist thing Saturday morning. lol It's just not alot of people post pictures of Shino cosplayers.
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RenLover1Hobbyist General Artist
im still his no.1