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Brokarey Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016

Forgive me my boldness, but I have to try ...



I very much appreciated your art!

I 'm making a card game and I need several illustrations to finish it.

Since there are many illustrations, I would only purchase the license to use them, and do not buy them, because I have not much money. I just want your permission to use the image, not exclusivity to the picture, ok?

I will put the author's name below each illustration and also in the game credits.

'll be straight with you:

I’m paying 5 euros for illustration, because I need more than 400 illustrations to complete my card game. I don’t have much money to offer, I'm sorry. It’s a symbolic value, but there’s the value that I can contribute at this time.

I know I'm paying little, but I have achieved illustrations for this price, because some artists believe in my project.

I can pay directly by Paypal to you, if you want.


I hope that you accept and I know what I’m paying isn’t worth your work.




*Excuse my poor English!


Look my project, please. Pehaps you have some illustrations without copyrights.



A Fantasy Card Game


    We are a company, which is  still being  created, in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and we hope, by means of this game, to achieve the consolidation in the board games market. We participate in a group of board games players and meet weekly to play various forms of them. We are passionate about the same, and so we want to maintain and expand increasingly the practice of these fantastic entertainment.


    We have already several games created, but, for this one, we have a very special affection. Therefore, we intend to launch, for the 1st time,  a world game, because we are sure that this will be a great success. It will be released in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Here are some features of the game of cards that we will launch:


* It's fast to play, 5 to 30 minutes.

* For 2 players.

* It is extremely fun.

* Very easy to learn.

* "realistic" illustrations.

* Fantasy Races varieties (38 already created, with the possibility to create a further 38).

* Balance of races (there were already over 5,000 games played).

* Unprecedented, there is no such game.

* High "Replayability" .

* Outstanding quality of letters and the material for the game production.

* Easy to produce, for it contains only 1 board, 5 markers and 74 letters. (37 per race) and a manual.

* Low cost to the consumer.

* Initially, it will be a game-face letters; later, it can also be played online.

* Global launch at the website.


    There will be an exclusive game site, in 5 languages, with all its details, explanatory videos, description of cards and a part that speaks of the creators of the game, in case you, "illustrator and designer", talking a little bit about your work and talent, and of course, this work itself. Each illustration will have a description of it, thus explaining the art of each of the illustrators who helped to devise this game.


    What we want: since illustration works are highly valued due to its high artistic value, we do not have the financial capital to fund the illustrations, ranging from 100.00 USD to 500.00 USD each, i. e. to do 32 races, we would spend at least $ 67,200; cause there will be 21 different illustrations by race. We have to focus our capital for the dissemination and propagation of the game. So we ask, the world's best illustrators to collaborate with at least three of their illustrations that have already been created. We will not acquire copyright of the illustration, but only the license in order to use it in the games we create, board or online, that is, the "illustrator" will remain the owner of the copyright, and may do with his illustration at his own will.



What we offer to the illustrators:


• A final product of excellent quality, because only the great illustrators will be part of this unique project;

• The game delivered to your home, 4 races to choose from, for every 3 illustrations the illustrator can give; or 5 Euros for each illustration.

• The dissemination of their work and their contacts;

• Their name in one of the cards in the game, in a race created only by illustrators who gave at least 8 of their images;

• A simple written contract so that both creators and game illustrators may have their rights preserved.

 Your name will be put under the illustration and game credits.

    * Our eternal gratitude! IoI             



    We know how important is the value of your art to you, and we will never compensate the same way you do it, but in the future, who knows ...


    The game's release is scheduled for the day 10/01/2016 at site or early.

    We await your response with anxiety and fully understand a negative response, but still we would like to receive your return.


Thanks in advance,

Guilherme Sampaio





I know I'm paying little, but I have achieved illustrations for this price, because some artists believe in my project. 

I already have 257 illustrations but I would expect some of you too!!! More than 25 artists will be in the project so far.

I completely understand if you don’t want to accept and I wish success to you! Please, send your Artstation Link. Tks!!!

Estonius Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016
Happy Date o' Birth!
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