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A few months ago, i applied to go on a study abroad trip with my university to Tanzania for a month. It is a very competitive program, so applying was just a shot in the dark, but come to find out, I got accepted! Unfortunately, i didn't receive any scholarships to help out with the extravagant price tag that came along with that acceptance letter. I'm really grateful to my parents for giving me this opportunity, but i don't feel right having them pay the entire expense, which is about $11,000 after airfare.... the main point
Recently, a few of my friends have suggested that my art style would look really nice as character badges. So i decided to give it a try and offer commissions of them.

I've never really done this before so please bear with me, but this is what i had in mind for the detail...
-human or fursona
-flat colors or shaded

and here are some samples 
Badge Commissions by MaboroshiTira  Bali Badge by MaboroshiTira

Please send me a note if interested. 
Or if possible, pass this on and tell others. Any help would really be appreciated. 

I think going to Tanzania would be the biggest leap out of my comfort zone I could make right now in my life…like, not only would I be going to an unfamiliar country, but I would be going there with a group of 30 or so people I don’t even know. Not to mention the interactions I would face with the people of Tanzania and the language barrier between us. Thinking about this is insane. Those who know me understand that it’s hard enough to get me to travel like ten minutes from my house, and that I often avoid situations where I would be encountering new people…So something like this is just unthinkable. Not to mention, I would be completely giving up all the luxuries and everyday convenience of home to instead be out camping for about 26 days. Crazy. 

Recently for a class I had to write a personal manifesto. I didn’t really take it seriously or give it much thought at the time, but looking back, it was actually really meaningful. I wrote mine more as a list of things I need to work on to make myself a better artist and person. My number one was: “You don’t know until you try.” And that is honestly how I feel right now. I won’t know. I won’t know what i’m missing out on, or how an experience like this could change me and my perspective on things. This is my last chance before I graduate, and I don’t want to pass it by just because I was to afraid to step out of my protective bubble. I won’t know until i try…

It hurts how much I want to do this. It is truly an experience of a lifetime. And the thought that I may not be able to do it just because of the cost honestly brings me to tears. On the other hand, even if I can somehow afford it, there is no guarantee that I would even be accepted. But, you don’t know until you try. And I am going to keep telling myself this, over and over. Because trying is the first step…

If anyone is is a somewhat process on how i made my hat. c:…
So, i've been working on a giant Gameboy Color made of cardboard for a class i'm taking.
If anyone is interested in seeing my progress shots you can check them out on my tumblr.

If not, that's cool too. I'll be posting the finished product on here when i finish anyway.
Just thought it would be interesting to share.