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She had tried to be subtle. She had eased her way into the subject of Akin's throat with tact and guile. She had put up the slides slowly and methodically explained the natural processes involved. She had listened to their questions. She had answered them as best she could. She had supported all her medical conclusions with evidence, and given pause for thought as she talked through her discoveries.

But there was no escaping the harsh truth Nike had had to deliver at the end. There was no subtle way to mask the sinister nature of the changes she had observed in Akin, and there was no better advice she could give than what she had given. Her fear that she would be vilified for what she had to say had proven accurate, and now it was unlikely that she would have any further involvement with this case.

Good! She thought. I run from evil, that I may live. It is up to them, to follow after.

Yet she could not shake the feeling that she was running in the wrong direction. Like all doctors, she had also sworn the Hippocratic oath. Her job being to help the sick, and keep them from harm. Was her advice helping the sick? or was she just saving herself? Her superstition, religion, and professional ethic, coming to loggerheads with each other.

This was the right decision... Wasn't it? Even if it's their son, I had to tell them. To make them aware of the danger. To save them from it. It might have been human at one point, but now... Now that we can't be sure... It's certainly better to be safe than sorry - and it's not like I suggested anything unreasonable. Even though personally I feel that thing needs more than science can handle, I kept my feelings out of it. What else could I have done!?

As Nike tried to come to terms with the way the meeting had ended, she began to pack up. She disconnected her projector from the wall, put her laptop to sleep, and placed them both neatly in the black messenger bag: her conflicted state finding solace in the mundane task. At least she was dry now, and there wouldn't be anymore traffic on the way back.

Gathering her things together, she took her time leaving the conference room. It would be awkward if she had to wait at the elevators alongside the Mabogunjes. On the ground floor, she paused to watch them drive away before stepping out herself. Her hurried arrival hadn't permitted her notice the vast sprawl of the W.H.O campus. But now as she stepped out, she marvelled at it all: The numbered multi-level brick buildings, the sleek European architecture, the manicured lawns, tiled promenades, and paved roadways...
Sh-hin-hin-hin-hin dub Dub dUb duB DUBUBUBUBUBUBUB...
The sound of a backup generator interrupted her thoughts as it took over from the faltering electricity supply. Sigh... These oyinbos, they know how to do things properly. Pulling her phone from her handbag she tried turning it on to no avail. The water damage had done it in completely. So she began to stroll to the campus's entryway; towards the guardhouse. Surely, I can borrow a phone off one of the guards she thought.

-ike! -ike! Nike Oduwole!
The sound of her name startled her. A familiar face was coming towards her and waving.

Nike, I thought it was you! Se alaafia ni?
Alaafia ni, ma - Nike replied, with a courtesy: still trying to place the face of this older woman.
You don't remember me, do you? Oh don't worry, it's been many years. You were one of my students in L.U.T.H before you went abroad to complete your studies.
Ah! Professor Odiakosa! I'm so sorry... Nike began with a sheepish smile.
Embarrassed that she had not recognised the Dr. who had helped her through her MBBS. look so different now! I never would have recognised you.
You on the other hand, look quite the worse for wear. I hope you're not here as a patient?
No ma, I am... was... consulting on the case of a patient who is now being seen here.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Hypotheses | Page: 18
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