[Bloodlust] The Hypotheses : 17

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Once the hawker had returned with the area boys, Nike handed him an extra N100 in addition to her change, which she gave back. On seeing the exchange, the five area boys he had brought, began to get excited.
Hah, Mummy!
Big Mama!
Our Madam at the top!
They chanted.
Anytin for us?
This was just what Nike had expected. Her idea always having been to get these area boys to help relocate her beetle to the nearest roadside mechanic.

Of course na! How I go forget my boys? But first una go help me push my car please.
Ah, in this flood!? Na work be dat o, mummy. You go give us sometin pass that boy.
No worry! I go give you. Just help me first.

So they all pushed. With Nike steering the car through the driver's window, as she also pushed from the outside. Until they reached the roadside mechanic who, like the area boys before him, was looking to capitalise on Nike's unfortunate circumstances. Making it such that, after having spent about N3000 between the hawker and the area boys, she could only dread the impending mechanic fees as she hailed an Okada to take her onwards.

Thus it was that a thoroughly drenched and extremely fed up Nike Oduwole arrived 2 hours late to the meeting place: carrying a completely soaked pair of black heels in her left hand, a russet (formerly red) handbag on her right shoulder, and the black messenger bag with her laptop and projector in her right hand. The latter being the only item on her person still looking somewhat decent. So how she had managed to look only wet and forlorn as she ran into the conference room where the Mabogunje's were waiting, was a wonder best left a secret of the 1st floor ladies room in the W.H.O. facility.

Now, Toki and Seun had been waiting for Nike for over 2 hours and as you can imagine, they were very upset. But when they saw her, wet, disheveled, and all, their anger could only turn to concern for the poor bedraggled doctor.
Doctor! What happened!? You look horrendous!
Toki said, as she rushed over to help Nike to a seat.
Your office said you had left a long time ago, so we have been waiting. Was it traffic?
Yes o, my sister! Can you imagine!? From Marina to VI, because of flooding! This Lagos sef...

Nike replied, shaking her head in disapproval before continuing.

Then my car now broke down. I would have called but that one too, was damaged by the water. I am so sorry I am late. I was just praying the whole time that you would not have left. Thank you for waiting. Let me just catch my breath...

As Nike reclined in the leather conference room chair looking at the Mabogunjes, she realised that she hadn't even decided how to deliver the news she was here to give. Between the rain, the car, the hawker, area boys, and mechanic, she hadn't had the time to think of a subtle way to broach the topic.

Yet as her mind glossed over the events of her day, a tactic began to reveal itself...

You know... she began, ...sometimes life throws you curve balls...

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Hypotheses | Page: 17

Damn! What a terrible day. Thank God it's over.
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