[Bloodlust] The Hypotheses : 16

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Ooh hoo hoo, hee hee hee hee. Ooh hoo hoo, hee hee hee hee. The old beetle laughed as Nike desperately tried to revive it. Ooh hee hee, ooh hee hee, ooh hee hee it continued. The familiar pinch and twist of the key now a joke in the face of its dead engine. Nike was stuck, and there was no hope of her car coming to life again.

Hay-i-yea! What is this!? Nike exclaimed, throwing her hands up in frustration. Mmschew! An unintentional hiss escaping her lips as she contemplated what to do next. Had she been like most people, her conclusion would have been simple: Give up, call the Mabogunje's, and ask to reschedule. But Nike isn't like most people. She is what her fellow Nigerians call, an Ajepako: A person who has been toughened up by suffering through hard times. Because Nike hadn't always had money.

Growing up, her parents had never owned a car, and as a young child, she had walked several miles to school every morning. Even as a teenager in secondary school with Sola, she had relied on public transportation for her goings and comings. She knew which were the best seats in the big buses known as Moluwe's; how to get on and off the vans known as Danfo's which never come to a complete halt; and just how to sit and maintain a balanced centre of gravity on the commercial motorcycles known as Okada. So the fact that she was now a doctor who could afford her own car, didn't mean she had forgotten the lessons from her past...

Psst! Madam? You wan buy rat poison?
(A hawker had finally stopped at her car, bringing with him, the seeds of an idea.)

Eeloo ni?
Hundred naira per packet madam.
Ki lo de!? Se o le pa Esu??
(Laughing) Rara o! Ko le pa Esu na. A mo pe, to ba fe pa awon eku sha, o ma na owo.
Nitori pe mo fe pa eku, mo lati na owo mi tan lori e!?
Ah! Madam nau, man must eat. Take pity...
Ehen! It is now you know that you must eat. Last price nko?
Last is fifty, madam. I no fit less am.
Fifty abi? Na beta price be dat. Take.

(Nike gives him some money, and continues to talk while he looks for change)

Se o ri awon area boys nibi junction? To ba le won pada, ma fun e extra.
A! Ko buru, madam. E duro.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Hypotheses | Page: 16

I wonder what Nike has in mind...


  1. This page features some Yoruba sentences in character conversations. You can mouse over them for the English translation.

  2. There is also some Broken English. This is not translated, but it is not hard to understand if you know English.
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