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On the way to Lekki about 20km down and immediately off the expressway from Victoria Island, lies the largest W.H.O lab in Nigeria. Built less like a lab and more like a headquarters, the compound houses administrative offices, staff quarters, and a reference library, in addition to the many laboratories in the compound's largest building. It is within this building, at noon, that the meeting between Dr. Oduwole and the Mabogunje couple was supposed to take place. But it wasn't until 1PM, that Nike Oduwole finally arrived, looking very wet and forlorn.

When she had set out hours ago, she was dry, she was happy, and she had gotten into her grey Volkswagen Beetle with all the gusto of a young woman. Thinking that she would be an hour early, she had even taken the time to clean her car thoroughly. It was her old faithful. It had been with her over a decade, and while old, it still ran fairly well. She had settled into the driver's seat, kicked off her black high-heels and switched on the radio before beginning the drive from her office in Marina: wanting to be as relaxed as possible as she mulled over how to deliver the news to the Mabogunje's.

But within minutes of leaving, the clouds had darkened, and rain had begun to fall. At first, it had looked to be a light downpour, but it soon turned into a deluge. "I hope this doesn't make me late" she had said. Yet no sooner had the words left her mouth, than the streets had begun to fill with traffic. In no time, her movement had all but come to a halt. Still, that had only been the beginning of her misfortune. By the time she had reached Victoria Island she was already running very late, and what she met there, were flooded streets and deep potholes which the old beetle couldn't navigate without taking on water.

This brown, dirty, murky, street water, immediately annihilated all trace of Nike's pristine cleaning job, and began to affect the engine. So that within an hour, the poor car was shuddering... and Nike was shuddering right along with it: the water already reaching up to her knees inside the car. Meanwhile outside, the streets were thriving with activity as hawkers and area boys had appeared to cater to the stranded drivers.

Buy Banana! Real Banana! Madam, look how ripe this one is.
The Banana seller said as he advertised to the car across from hers.

Guardian! Vanguard! Punch also dey oga...
She heard the newspaper seller say into the black SUV behind.

She watched the imported fruits seller walk past without a word and pickup her rhetoric after passing her car:

Apples! Green Apples! Fresh, fresh, apples...
And it soon became clear that she was being avoided.

Because at this point, the grey beetle was brown from all the water it had swum through, its windshield was dirty from other cars splashing water on too, and it's sole occupant was soaked from all the water she was into; so neither the vehicle nor its occupant looked like they were related to, anyone who would, or indeed could, afford to tip graciously. To make matters worse, it was in the midst of this, that the beetle's shuddering began to increase.

Brrrrr the engine went, like a horse free of its reigns.
Wheeeeeze it managed next, like it was trying to say something.
A *cough* *cough* followed, as Nike's panic heightened.
Then came a loud and conclusive KNOCK

After over a decade of service, the old beetle, had finally given up the ghost.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Hypotheses | Page: 15

Aww, poor Nike! She's so screwed. Will she ever make it to the meeting?
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