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Akin dreamt that night. A nightmare so surreal, it could have actually happened. In it he had been running. Endlessly running in the even from unseen pursuers. Running not in the way of humans, but as in the way of wild animals. Sprinting, jumping, skirting potholes, until he had arrived at a house; his house, but it was not this house. Somehow, impossibly, the gates had opened just in time to see him saved from his pursuers. He knew he would find his parents inside. Inside this strange house that was his yet not his own. He did find them, awash with relief at his safety as always. But he was weakened, tired from all the running. He slumped into their arms, they each gave him a shoulder to lean on, but then the thirst, the god damned thirst! and the pain, oh what pain! and so he bit. Sunk his teeth into his fathers neck, while holding his mother with an iron hand on her shoulder. One man wouldn't be enough. He discarded his father as soon as he had sucked him dry, then gorged on his mother's blood. There was relief, but it was not enough. He discarded her as well. Writhing in pain, he assumed the upside-down foetal position on the floor. On his knees, head to the floor like the mussulman when they say their morning prayers. He had just killed his loving parents. He deserved this. He deserved to die and it hurt, it hurt, it hurt so much! Argh! It hurt too much! Way too much!

Akin opened his eyes to find himself in much the same position that he had dreamt. In much the same pain that he had dreamt. At much the same time of day as he had dreamt. What a horrible dream! Even in the midst of his crisis, Akin was more disturbed by the fact that he had dreamt of murdering his parents. Like a vampire no less! He had feasted on their blood, and he had enjoyed it. What manner of depravity was this!? Inexcusable! Even for a dream.

Still, he had to deal with more practical matters first. He would get back to chiding himself later. So he grabbed his flask and his morphine off the bedside table. After yesterday's events, he had made sure to have it full of milk before he slept. Still, this was unprecedented. He had never had a crisis so soon after getting transfused. Even in theory, it should be impossible. New blood meant new red blood cells, and red blood cells have a lifespan of about 120 days. Even though crisis can and do happen within that time due to the other sickled blood in the body, the probability of them drops astronomically. Furthermore, it is damn near impossible to become acutely anaemic since the however many pints of new blood contains completely healthy blood cells!

Yet Akin was sure he was acutely anaemic again, as he was experiencing the exact same symptoms as the last time. The morphine helped the pain as always, and failed to help the throat as expected. The milk helped no more than the water had but at least he hadn't had to waste time fetching it. So he promptly woke up his parents, told them it was happening again, and they rushed off to St. Nicholas. Even before they got there, Toki was on the phone with Sola just in case. This time however, the hospital wasn't packed. In fact it was almost empty but for the receptionist and the nurses on night shift.

Once they were signed in Toki was up in arms, looking to get things done. She knew how these night shift staff could be. Slow, lethargic, lazy... As if they themselves were suffering some kind of illness. If one wasn't careful you could be kept waiting for hours. Still St. Nicholas was better than most, and things like that didn't happen too often but Toki was going to put some fire in the nurse's step anyway.

Please get the doctor.
Ma, we have to find his file first so the doctor can...

Look, we have been patients here for over 10 years. I gave birth to this boy here. Me myself, I was born here. So I know full well that you can look for that file after you have called the doctor. So please, get the doctor... NOW!

Well the nurse didn't need to be told twice and it didn't take 10 minutes before the doctor appeared, inviting them into the examining room. Toki explained the situation, including the previous diagnosis by Sola and the transfusion that had to be done. She conveyed the urgency of the situation and the risk posed by delays, but like all doctors, this one first had to examine the patient herself to come to the same conclusion. Which she did. So Akin was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU) where he was again treated with fluids, blood, and painkillers, intravenously. This time however, he was given four bags of blood as opposed to the one he had received at Sola's clinic.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Cycle | Page: 7

What an ominous dream! Hopefully the four bags will keep him out of the hospital.
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