[Bloodlust] The Cycle : 6

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Seun and Toki both woke up around 6PM. They had only had about three hours of sleep between them as they had stayed up watching Akin and had only managed to fall asleep about an hour before he woke up himself. Toki woke up first, and then Seun, and then Sola came and called them both into his office. He told them that Akin was fine now and that he had even woken up briefly a little while ago. He also told them that even though it was a severe crisis, the crisis itself was probably nothing to worry about. Akin may have been mentally stressed or dehydrated without him realising it. Sola then expressed his concern regarding the burning throat symptom and asked that they get in touch with a Dr. Adenike Oduwole: An ENT specialist; to get Akin's throat looked at properly.

Akin found that even in his sleep, he could sort of sense what was going on around him. He knew when his parents woke up, and he knew when they left the room with uncle Sola. So when they all returned he also knew, and he got up to greet them. Both his parents were extremely relieved to see him looking so well, and he could tell from the look on their faces. He was soon up and about and looking forward to taking a hot shower when he got home. The Mabogunje trio then began saying their goodbyes to Sola and his staff. They piled back into the black Benz, waited for Musa to open the gate, and drove off into the night. It was now 6:45pm.

The ride back home was uneventful. Akin jokingly mentioned that he may have developed a sixth sense - describing the experience he had while he was asleep. They laughed about it for a bit and then moved on to plans for the next day. In time Akin lay down while Seun and Toki continued making plans, discussing scheduled appointments, overdue proposals, bothersome clients, and the rest. It was after all still the middle of the week and tomorrow would be a busy day.

Akin on the other hand, was still enjoying his year off between secondary school and higher education. When he got home, he was going to take a bath, and then he was going to sleep. Anything after that he would leave to fate. Tomorrow would be a day of rest so fate probably wouldn't have much in store for him. Hopefully there would be light so he could at least fill his boredom with television or the Internet. Most likely television while he waits for his Facebook page to load.

According to his parents, the Internet speeds in Nigeria today are much faster than they used to be 25 years ago when they were on dialup and 56K modems. In fact when they finished laying and connecting the fiberoptic cables 5 years ago it was like a Godsend to them. As far as Akin is concerned though, as long as pages still loaded it was too slow. His friends in schools abroad were talking about instantaneous displays, light input devices, and 3DHD goggles. Nigerians were still just getting around to widespread use of touch screens. When I get my Computer Engineering degree and Computer Science minor, I will make this country technologically current. How long will we be over 20 years behind in anything and everything?

He got up to the sound of the gate opening with that thought in his head and a renewed fervour to make Nigeria tech savvy. He was finally home. It had been a long day for everyone and they all just wanted to get it over with. Seun pulled into the driveway, parked the car, and within minutes the Mabogunje's had settled back into their home. Akin and Toki were bathing in their respective showers and Seun was settling down to a bottle of heineken while waiting for the 9 o'clock network news to begin on the tele.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Cycle | Page: 6

A nerd with a sixth sense? Is it just me or is Akin starting to sound like spider-man?
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